Gaborone Travel Guide

Introduction to Gaborone

Seen by many international tourists as a sleepy town of no significance, the Botswanan capital of Gaborone has more to offer visitors than a place to sleep after or before a long international flight.

While it is only home to a little bit over 200,000 people, this chilled out city has a number of diversions that will hold your attention and entertain you if you find yourself with some time to kill at the start or end of your Botswanan adventure.

A popular stopover for overlanders traveling north/south across the African continent, you will find that there is more to this place than it appears at first glance.

Cultural Attractions in Gaborone

Start your time in Gaborone and Botswana by learning about its past history at its National Museum. While this institution may pale in comparison to what other national museums look like in other countries around the world, this humble place still has a number of exhibits on Botswana’s human and natural history.

In addition to this, it is accompanied by an art gallery, which contains a number of works of European and African origin, and the exterior is home to the national botanical garden as well.

Next, make your way to the central business district of Gaborone, where the Three Chiefs’ Statues are located. Known locally as the Three Dikgosi Monument, it depicts three tribal chiefs (Sebele I, Khama III and Bathoen I) who played an instrumental role in the getting Botswana independence ratified by separating the present-day territory from South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

This allowed a sense of nationhood to grow within the partitioned territory, leading to Botswana’s eventual independence in the 1960’s.

Another noteworthy cultural highlight in the Gaborone area is ISKCON Gaborone, which is the country’s primary Hindu temple. An elaborate house of worship that stands out from the surrounding area, its salmon coloured exterior, impressive stupas, and its rich interior will make for a wondrous hour of wandering around in this visually-rich environment.

Being home to Hare Krishnas, be sure to stick around for a meal, as it will give you a chance to chat and get to know the locals of this city in a down-to-earth setting.

Other Attractions in Gaborone

Haven’t quite got enough of the animals that roam the wilds of Botswana? Satiate your desire to spot rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes and more at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Located only 10 kilometres south of Gaborone, this park specializes in being the place where the country is attempting to re-breed the threatened white rhino to healthier numbers.

As such, it is a great place to spot these rare breeds, and others that have been hunted to near extinction up to the present day. If you are brave enough, there are five camp sites that allow you to spend a night in the outdoors of Botswana with these formidable mammals, and there are guides that will allow you to go on a mini-safari of sorts if you are traveling on a backpacker’s budget.

Feeling lucky? Want to try to win back the money you spent on a fancy week-long safari in the hinterlands of Botswana? The Gaborone Sun casino might appeal to you in this case, as this resort has plenty of games of chance where you can attempt to ride a wave of luck to a fatter bank balance.

Traveling with children during your trip in Botswana? If you are here during the hot season, a trip to Lion Park Resort will prove to be a wise decision during your trip’s early or last days. While this park is a touch on the small side compared to similar park’s found in other countries around the world, facilities are modern and the staff are courteous and professional.

A number of tame water slides, wave pool and splash pads define the water portion of this attraction, while a roller coaster with an inverted loop, a giant swing and other midway attractions can be found in the amusement park portion of Lion Park Resort.

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