Hobart Travel Guide: Things to Do in Hobart, Australia

Hobart Travel Guide

Introduction to Hobart

A world apart from the cities on the mainland, Hobart’s smaller size makes it a charming place to visit. While it is the capital of Tasmania, you’ll find it hard to get stressed out by this laid-back city of 250,000.

With a stunning natural setting and a history of being a staging point for Australian expeditions to Antarctica, you’ll won’t regret including this city in your travel plans.

Cultural Attractions in Hobart

Start your time in Hobart by checking out the exhibits at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Around since 1848 (making it the second oldest museum in Australia), this institution covers the human and natural history of Tasmania, which includes past expeditions to Antarctica, wars waged against Aboriginals in the 19th century, and the unique flora and fauna which can only be found on this island.

With a range of different topics covered, coming here is an excellent way to kill time on a rainy afternoon, which says nothing about what you will learn about Tasmania during your visit here.

Want to learn more about the brave explorers who left the safe shores of Australia in pursuit of our planet’s southernmost frontier? Drop by the Mawson’s Hut Replica Museum.

Situated on the Hobart waterfront a short distance from Constitution Dock, it is an exact scale model of the hut that Sir Douglas Mawson and his party slept in during their expedition to Antarctica between 1911 to 1914.

It isn’t your standard museum, as its displays also come with sound effects, adding depth to your experience. With all the interesting information you’ll learn about regarding one of history’s most dangerous adventures, this stop is definitely worth your time.

Australia was originally regarded by the British as a distant penal colony of little consequence. Tasmania was no different, as prisoners of all sorts were sent here from the UK and its colonies. Ironically, one of their first tasks in Hobart was to build the Campbell Street Gaol, a jail constructed in 1821 to hold criminals arrested in Australia.

It operated until 1963, after which it was decommissioned. While the standard tour is well worth your while (it covers everything from solitary confinement cells to the gallows), there are also ghost tours available.

Spooky in nature, your guide will paint a picture of the life of misery prisoners led here, which no doubt resulted in their spectres haunting the hallways of this penitentiary.

Other Attractions in Hobart

Get active on holiday and get excellent shots of Hobart by scaling Mount Wellington. Lording over the city, this peak stands over 1,200 metres (3,937 feet) above sea level, making it a healthy hike for in-shape travellers.

If you cringe at the thought of breaking a sweat, worry not – there is a road which goes most of the way to the summit. With viewpoints looking out over the city below, you’ll have all the angles needed to get the shots you want.

Get in touch with Hobart’s local food and artisan scene by spending time wandering around Salamanca Market on a Saturday. Held from 8:30 am to 3 pm, you’ll have an opportunity to take in its lively atmosphere whether you are a morning person or a night owl.

There are plenty of amazing merchants to buy from here – the food stalls offer everything from scallop pie to locally crafted sausage, while hard goods vendors offer plenty of amazing wood products and leather goods. Block off about 2-3 hours if you are in Hobart on a Saturday morning.

Check out the unique flora found on the island of Tasmania by visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1818, it is the second oldest park of its kind in Australia.

While it is home to well-regarded highlights like its Japanese and rose gardens, it is best known for its collection of sub-antarctic plants. Located in its own enclosure which mimics the permanently cold and misty conditions found on Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean, you’ll see how tough and resilient life can be even under the most forbidding conditions.

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