Klagenfurt Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt Travel Guide

Klagenfurt Travel Guide
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Klagenfurt occupies a fond place in the hearts of Austrians. It sits on the shores of Lake Worthersee, which gets delightfully warm in summer. In peak season, beach volleyball and Ironman competitions bring in athletes from across Europe.

However, that isn’t to say Klagenfurt lacks culture – you are in Europe after all. From its palatial state legislature to the town mascot, there are plenty of hidden gems here.

Come check out our Klagenfurt travel guide as we cover the best things to do in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Top Attractions

For the most part, Klagenfurt is a resort city. However, it does have a few sites of cultural interest. Of them, its Landhaus is the most significant. Built by the authorities in the 16th century, it serves as the legislature of the Austrian state of Carinthia.

It has fulfilled that function since its inception. But, in its early days, it also was the site of royal/noble ceremonies, parties, and weddings. Today, you can visit it as a tourist, but only on a guided tour. It’s better this way, though, as your guide will fill you in on its human history through the centuries.

The building, despite being a state parliament, looks more like a castle. The Landhaus’ architect designed it in the Baroque style – its fountains, arches, and its southern facade are external highlights.

Inside, The Coat of Arms and the Kolig Hall will impress, as their designers covered the ceilings in frescoes. To get in, you’ll need to pay an admission fee of 4 EUR. On your way out, have dinner in the on-site restaurant, as they serve excellent local cuisine. We recommend making reservations, as it is a popular spot.

As you walk through the centre of Klagenfurt, take time to check out Lindwurmbrunnen. The Lindwurmbrunnen is a statue of a mystical “dragon” that a brave soul tamed centuries ago. If you know your geography, you’ll note that it’s the same dragon on the Austrian coat of arms.

According to legend, this creature terrorized the region back in the 13th century. It caused floods and threatened anyone who dared to cross the River Glen. This continued until one day, a brave local took one of his bulls out to the dragon. The creature took the bait, allowing the challenger to subdue it.

In the 14th century, quarry workers allegedly found the dragon’s skull. Scientists later identified it as the skull of a woolly rhino that died back in the Ice Age. Officials put the skull on display in the town hall.

Later, an artist used the specimen to craft a statue of what the “dragon” might have looked like. In the course of doing so, they made it a fountain as well. The result is what you see today – a stunning depiction of what people were certain was an actual dragon.

Take in miniature depictions of landmarks from around the world by visiting Minimundus. Here, you’ll get walk amidst 150 reconstructions of famous global landmarks. The park owners have built everything from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower at 1:25 scale.

On top of this, they also offer a 4D theatre. Its movies allow you to further immerse yourself in a round-the-world travel fantasy. If you can’t go everywhere on your current trip, this attraction will help fill the void.

Those looking for religious attractions in Klagenfurt will want to drop by Pfarrkirche Klagenfurt-St. Egid. A Roman Catholic church now and at its inception, it also briefly served as a Protestant house of worship.

Fires on two separate occasions razed this landmark. The current structure opened to the public in 1697. Originally a Gothic church, the latest reconstruction introduced Baroque elements. Inside, you’ll find four altars, ceiling frescoes, a grand organ, and paintings that evoke the apocalypse.

Other Attractions

Lake Worthersee is the reason why many Austrians flock to Klagenfurt during the summer months. During this time, the water temperature can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius, making it pleasant for swimming.

It is also a great place for water sports. In Klagenfurt and area, watercraft rentals will help you feed your adrenaline addiction. During the summer months, annual Ironman competitions also happen here. If you want to take part, do your research.

Watch Klagenfurt locals go about their daily lives as they shop at Benediktinermarkt. In its stalls, you’ll find a variety of fruits, veg, meats, and cheese. While their stalls are open six days per week, go on Saturdays for the best possible experience.

Chill out and relax by the shores of Lake Worthersee at Europapark. Of all the parks in Klagenfurt, this one is by far the most popular. If you are travelling with kids, playground equipment is available for them. If you want to to get active, everything from football pitches to beach volleyball courts are here.

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