Kosice Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Kosice

Kosice Travel Guide

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With a population of around a quarter million, Kosice is Slovakia’s second city. in 2013, the EU named it the 2013 European Capital of Culture. From architecture to amazing opera shows, this city will quickly demonstrate why it is such a cultural hot spot.

Top Attractions

Begin your Kosice visit by visiting St Elizabeth’s Cathedral. This church is the largest in Slovakia and is a prime example of Gothic architecture. In fact, this church is the easternmost Gothic church in Europe.

Around since the 12th century, this cathedral was originally Romanesque. However, thanks to numerous renovations, it is predominantly Gothic. Inside, this church contains ten altars, as well as frescoes and a massive pipe organ.

Still in the mood to see more churches? Make St. Michael’s Chapel your next stop in Kosice. Usually, the owners of this 14th-century Gothic church keep it closed to visitors. However, travellers can access this place by appointment.

When you see the inside of this hidden gem, you’ll be glad you put in the effort. The creators of this chapel dedicated it to St Michael the Archangel. in the artwork throughout this church, you’ll find depictions of him, as well as Raphael and Gabriel.

Fans of the performing arts will want to take in a show at the State Theatre of Kosice. Completed around the end of the 19th century, locals love this building for its ceiling paintings. Up there, you’ll find depictions of Shakespeare plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Soon after you arrive in Kosice, drop by their ticket office. If there is a show going on during your visit, we recommend seeing one. Thanks to this building acoustics, seeing an opera here is a fantastic spectacle.

In Slovakia, going to jail in past centuries was no joke. At Mikluš Prison, you’ll get a gruesome glimpse into the life of a prisoner during medieval times. The displays here will terrify you, as you’ll hear the howls of tortured prisoners. Displays are mostly in Slovakian, so pick up an English audio guide at the reception.

Other Attractions

Travellers looking for a unique monument should check out Immaculata while in Kosice. Erected in the old town, this pillar commemorated locals’ sacrifice and suffering during a plague epidemic in the 18th century. Standing over 45 feet tall, it contains depictions of many saints and angels.

During the Second World War, aerial bombardments damaged this priceless artifact. In the postwar period, the city paid for three separate renovations to restore it to its original state. Do take selfies with it, but as you do, remember the meaning behind this monument.

If you are travelling through Slovakia as a family, be sure to pay a visit to Zoo Kosice. Its 1,200 animals (which represent over 280 species) have plenty of room to roam – 292 hectares, this zoo is the third-largest in Europe.

Most animals at the zoo are from Europe and Asia. Among these, highlights include animals like bears, bison, and lynx. Expect to pay 2 EUR for parking and 3 EUR/person for entry.

Are you looking for a bit of easy entertainment during your evenings in Kosice? Pay a visit to the Singing Fountain. Every hour, its jets kick up, shooting streams of water to the beat of lively classical music.

After dark, however, the experience gets even better. At that time, multicoloured lights turn on, adding depth to the show. Don’t want to stand around? No worries – there are plenty of restaurants and cafes located nearby.

Spend your last night checking out the Kosice Old Town. Here, you will find numerous churches, museums, and buildings with amazing architecture. However, it is best known for its quantity of bars and restaurants. In these establishments, opportunities for people-watching abound.

What To Eat

Getting hungry as you wander the streets of Kosice? Get some Spišské Párky from a street vendor. Sausage makers make this sausage by combining beef, pork, and paprika. This construction gives it a smoky flavour for which it is famous.

At dinner, do not be surprised if you find Guláš on the menu. Goulash may be a Hungarian dish, but this nation’s past influence spread it throughout Central Europe. To this day, it remains a popular dish throughout Slovakia. Containing beef, pork, and even game meat, you’ll often find varying versions in different regions.

Have room for dessert? Try and find some Šišky. Also known as Krapfen, these sugar doughnuts contain various fillings such as jam, or vanilla/chocolate custard. After a long day of sightseeing, these treats will hit the spot.

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