Linz Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Linz

Linz Travel Guide

Linz Travel Guide
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Linz has a bit of everything. Austria’s third-largest city has a decent-sized Old Town, but it is also an industrial city.

It has historical attractions, but its flagship museum is as modern as they come.

While Linz isn’t a top-line tourist destination, we think you’ll come away from this place surprised.

Come check out our Linz guide of travel as we cover the best things to do in Linz, Austria.

Top Attractions

Once you’re ready to begin sightseeing, head over to Schlossmuseum Linz first. Also known as the Castle Museum, this institution gives insight into the cultural, natural, and art history of Upper Austria. In its galleries, you’ll find artifacts from the Middle Ages straight through to the present day.

The building itself dates back to the turn of the 9th century. At that time, its builders erected the original structure atop an old Roman fort. It underwent an expansion in the 15th century, turning it into a residence fit for the royalty of that time. Over its life, it also served as a military hospital, barracks, and as a prison.

Today, this castle is best known for its museum. Within its exhibits, you’ll find a variety of collections. These include artifacts like coins, musical instruments, and weapons. Its paintings and folk art galleries are also worth a look. If you have questions, ask the staff – they are friendly and willing to help with any inquiries you have.

Next, move onto a facility far more modern than the Schlossmuseum – the Ars Electronica Center. This centre focuses on more than just electronics – its exhibits cover a range of science, technology, and current events.

As you walk through, this gleaming, postmodern structure, you’ll learn about a variety of subjects. Topics include life sciences, space exploration, 3D printing, climate change, and many more. No matter your age, you’re bound to find something interesting and engaging in this complex.

To get the most out of your time here, allow for at least two hours of exploration. Better yet, hire a guide, as they’ll provide additional depth to the displays as you go through them. Come back at night, as the entire building lights up in a variety of colours.

Linz is home to two churches that are worth your attention. The first of these is the Postlingberg Church. Sitting atop a picturesque hill northwest of the city centre, this popular pilgrimage spot will take your breath away.

Inside, its ceiling paintings and a gilded altar will make the hike up its hill worth the effort. If you dread the idea of hiking, worry not – you can take a tram to the top as well.

After visiting Postlingberg, make your way down to the Mariendom. Also known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception or the New Cathedral, it’s the largest church worth visiting in Austria. Over the expansive footprint of this 19th-century cathedral, you’ll find stunning stained glass windows. Combined with its Neo-Gothic architecture, this gem shines brightest on a sunny day.

Other Attractions

If you consider yourself to be a green thumb, be sure to visit the Botanischer Garten von Linz. Throughout this 43,000 square metre park, you’ll get to experience over 10,000 distinct species of flora.

Specifically, locals say this attraction is home to one of the finest collection of cacti in Europe. If you’re visiting Linz in winter, don’t worry – with five greenhouses, there’s still plenty to see.

If you are travelling as a family, work in a visit to Linzer Tiergarten during your stay in Linz. Over its five and a half hectares, you’ll find animals from 110 different species. These include red pandas, alpacas, meerkats, monkeys, and more.

Over the course of a year, over 135,000 people visit this popular attraction. To avoid crowds, do try to visit during the week if your schedule permits. Admission is 5.50 EUR for adults, and 2 EUR for children.

Do you want to enjoy Linz’s best sights, restaurants, cafes, and people-watching opportunities? Head straight for Hauptplatz. Of all its highlights, its 20-metre high marble column stands out the most. Erected by city officials in 1723, they dedicated it to the Holy Trinity.

On a normal day, you can take a seat at its many cafes/restaurants, and watch the world go by. As the holiday season nears, though, it plays host to an atmospheric Christmas market. At it, you can shop for gifts, or enjoy a steaming glass of gluhwein as carolers sing songs.

If the weather has washed out your day of Linz sightseeing, salvage it by checking out Plus City. This sizable centre has many brand-name shops, bars, and restaurants. However, if it is still raining when you’re done buying stuff, you can watch a show at the cinema.

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