Lucerne Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Lucerne

Lucerne Travel Guide

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In the heartland of Switzerland, you’ll find Lucerne. Sat on the shore of a spectacular lake and surrounded by mountains, this city is a destination worth visiting for the views alone. However, its architecture, museums, and galleries also make this place a fantastic travel destination.

Top Attractions

Take a trip back to Lucerne’s medieval era – visit The Nine Towers. Also known as the Musegg Wall, this fortification came into being after Lucerne got attacked in the 13th century. Along it, workers built nine ramparts, which gave this attraction its name.

From these towers, you’ll get amazing views over the Old Town of Lucerne. But don’t limit your time there – you can also walk along the wall. Because of this, we recommend spending a couple of hours on this sight, as you’ll get numerous photo opportunities in all directions.

Art lovers will want to check out The Rosengart Collection during their time in Lucerne. Inside this gallery, you’ll find over 300 Impressionist and Classic Modernist works. You’ll find paintings, drawings, and photographs by 23 artists here, including numerous pieces by Picasso and Klee.

This collection’s quality, which museum namesake Angela Rosengart donated, will keep you busy for hours. However, do note that admission fees can add up quickly – they charge 18 CHF (~ 20 USD) for adults, and 10 CHF (~ 11 USD) for children.

Still in a museum crawling mood? Make time to check out Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, or the Swiss Museum of Transport. In this institution, you’ll learn about trains, planes, and automobiles, with a focus on Swiss contributions. There’s even a space gallery – it features an orbiting satellite that was recovered at the end of its life.

After checking out this museum, there’s more to discover under its roof. With a planetarium, movie theatre, and even a Lindt Chocolate Adventure, this place is the perfect rainy day activity.

Want to take in some live music? Check out a show at the KKL Luzern Concert Hall. From classical music to rock, the acoustics in this venue will ensure that you have a great time.

Other Attractions

Lucerne sits on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Surrounded by mountains and with a stunning blue-green hue, it’s unquestionably one of this destination’s top attractions. So during your visit, make time to at least walk along it. However, if you can afford it, we recommend going on a lake cruise.

Several operators run 1-2 hour cruises on Lake Lucerne. Ticket costs are high, but this is Switzerland, so that shouldn’t be unexpected. But the views you’ll get from the water will more than make up for the pain that your wallet will go through.

Along the lakeshore, you’ll find Chapel Bridge – another star attraction in Lucerne. Its original builders constructed it in the 17th century, making it the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. Sadly, though, not all of the structure is the original build, as part of it burned in 1993.

The picturesque nature of this span attracts visitors from around the world. On its exterior, its maintainers have lined it with flower boxes. Meanwhile, on the inside, you’ll find well over a hundred paintings.

Looking for a peak to ascend while visiting Lucerne? Be sure to make your way over to Mount Rigi. Standing over 4,000 feet above the surrounding lakes and lowlands, Rigi is a popular recreation area for Lucerne locals.

You can get there via car or local railways. After that, an air tram ride will take you to the top, where possibilities abound. Everywhere you look, you’ll find amazing things to photograph, while the active will enjoy this peak’s many hiking trails.

End your trip with a day spent exploring Old Town Lucerne. As you walk its cobblestone streets, you’ll find many excellent examples of architecture. After your tour, sit down at a cafe and watch the world go by.

What To Eat

At some point during your time in Lucerne, have some Cholermus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This dish is a pancake that you can enjoy as either a sweet or savoury treat. However, its batter is egg-heavy and often contains cottage cheese, making it better suited for savoury fillings. Try it with ham or bacon!

As you eat your Cholermus, pair it with a wedge of Hoch Ybrig. This cheese is a recent invention, as it did not exist before the 1980s. Nonetheless, it is worth trying, as its makers craft it from raw milk. Additionally, they also brush the rinds with white wine brine before aging it for eight months.

End one of your days in Lucerne with a shot of Rigi Kirsch. Local distillers make this brandy from cherries, giving it a tang that’ll have you buying a bottle to take home.

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