Regensburg Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Regensburg

Regensburg Travel Guide

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The medieval city of Regensburg was built on the banks of the Danube over 900 years ago. The historic old town is intact and houses a wealth of ancient construction. These include highlights like Saint Peter’s Church, which dates back to 980AD, and the Altes Rathaus.

In this guide, we’ll go into further detail on these attractions and others. We’ll also discuss the best things to eat in this amazing destination.

Top Attractions

Begin your time in this historic city by visiting Regensburg Cathedral. As old as it is, an 8th-century church existed before, but it burned down in the 13th century. To replace it, local authorities built the current structure.

Its combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, beautiful stained-glass windows and sculptures make this attraction worth seeing. In particular, its gargoyles are exceptionally well-detailed.

After that, make St. Emmeram’s Abbey your next destination. Benedictine monks founded this ancient building back in the mid-8th-century. While some Romanesque features have survived , an 18th-century makeover gave the abbey Baroque qualities.

As you walk through, this attraction will treat your eyes with amazing frescoes. After that, visit the final resting places of saints and nobles. As part of the Old Town of Regensburg, you can easily access this place, so take your time.

Next, make your way over to the Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lady Regensburg. Created by local authorities in the 18th century, its mix of Gothic and Rococo styling is quite unique. Everywhere you look, you’ll find gold-gilded decor.

Additionally, its many paintings and frescoes will capture your attention. To best appreciate the grandeur of this place, just sit in a pew. By being still, you can soak in everything this place has to offer.

As you walk around the Old Town, make sure that you don’t miss the Altes Rathaus. This municipal building has served the people of Regensburg since the 13th century. To spot it, simply keep an eye out for the clock tower.

While much of the function of this picturesque building is boring, it also has a grim past. In previous centuries, the basement of this building hosted a dungeon. In there, authorities often tortured prisoners until they fessed up their secrets.

Other Attractions

Love spending your summer on golf courses? Make sure to visit Golfmuseum Regensburg. While this humble private collection won’t challenge grander museums in Scotland anytime soon, it does have its share of memorabilia.

As you browse, you’ll find antique wooden golf clubs, tees, and even a scorecard used by England’s King George V. This place also offers a guided tour. We recommend it, as its commentary will bring this place alive in a way even non-fans can appreciate.

Long ago, before the Holy Roman Empire was a thing, the actual Roman Empire ruled over Regensburg. During those days, a city wall encircled the settlement. Of course, those fortifications are long gone, but Porta Praetoria, one of its gates, still remains.

This entry point dates all the way back to the late 2nd century when Marcus Aurelius commissioned its building. While the “reconstruction” of this gate is hardly authentic, you can easily see the stones used to construct it originally. Afterwards, walk along the perimeter of the Old Town, and you’ll find other traces of the wall.

At some point in your visit to Regensburg, you’ll probably cross an old Stone Bridge. Local authorities built this span back in the 12th century. For centuries, it was the only way to cross the Danube. It took until the 1930s for a modern bridge to accompany it.

Unfortunately, as river traffic got bigger, the bridge almost got removed. However, to avoid dismantling its history, Germany built a canal to route barge traffic around this gem. As an icon of Regensburg, don’t miss your chance to get a selfie.

Spend your final evening here in the Old Town of Regensburg. Throughout this historic part of town, you’ll find many cafes where you can watch locals as they go about their business.

What To Eat

As you sightsee in Regensburg, you’ll inevitably get hungry. When this happens to you, take time to get a Regensburger Wurst. Easily had from many street stalls, this sausage contains fat-free pork, salt, and spices. Cooked through smoking or boiling, it’s a nice departure from grilled wursts.

At dinner, sample some local seafood by having some Steckerlfisch. This dish can refer to either fresh or saltwater fish that cooks grill on a stick over an open flame. Often found in beer gardens, enjoy this meal with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Lastly, have some Dampfnudeln for dessert. Chefs stuff this sweet bread with fruit filling or vanilla custard, then they fry them in oil. After a long day of exploring, these treats will hit the spot.

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