10 Things to Do in The UK In The Summer

A visit to the United Kingdom is exciting any time of year; however, things really come alive in the summer.  Whether one decides to spend time in the major urban centres such as London or Manchester or venture off to the countryside, there are a plethora of options to consider. As things heat up temperature wise, so do the options for exciting activities to consider.  Although this list could easily contain over 100 suggestions, the following 10 are  ones not to missed.

Certain farms and zoos can be quite expensive to visit at times but admission to World Horse Welfare farms in Aberdeen, Norfolk and Blackpool is absolutely free.  Aside from having a lovely a picnic, options include visiting rescued ponies and other animals.


With gorgeous weather and more relaxed pace than usual, a trip to the countryside to have a picnic is an absolute must.  A few of the top areas to consider include Aviemore, Stewart Park, Cannon Hall Park and Gnoll Country Park; however, if one can’t make it to these suggested areas a trip to the closest local area could easily be just as rewarding.

Nothing comes for free these days?  Wrong.  At South Tyneside Summer Festival in South Shields, there is free entertainment with shows running until the end of August.  Most of the big events take place on the weekend with highlights including fancy dress and games.


Another free suggestion to consider is the Lowestoft Air Festival which is has stimulating flying displays, exhibitions and simulators.

The vintage fair revival held at Goodwood, Sussex lives up to its name with an entirely vintage theme.  One can consider perusing countless vintage clothes stalls, air displays and car rallies.

For those looking to pamper themselves a trip to the Wilderness Festival held in Cornbury Estate Deer Park, Oxfordshire is worth considering.  Aside from the festival which in the past has featured the likes of Mercury Rev and Daniel Johnson with opportunities to experience cheap spa days or even a swim in the lake is rather alluring.

In the mood for a festival that offers a bit more of an intimate environment and is not jam packed full of people?  If those factors sound appealing Standon Calling in Standon Hertfordshire is calling out your name.  Highlights include interactive art and special set designs.  Past themes included fancy dress in the form of gods and monsters.

Are you trying to find fun for the whole family?  A visit to the children’s festival in Paignton, Devon may just be up your alley.  Highlights include street performers, music and festival water fights.  For those looking to unwind even more, spa breaks in the UK are  a relaxing treat.  One can consider taking the whole family or just treating yourself.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the undesputed number one tourist attraction in Britain.  There is literally something for everyone who visits with highlights including music, comedy, theatre, dance and exhibition.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush the Bloodstock Open Air festival in Catton Hall, Derbyshire is worth a consideration.  The long-standing festival has featured the likes of Motorhead and includes late night metal karaoke and other events.  With camper friendly accommodations available it’s not an event that will break your budget.

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  1. Ah the Fringe Festival! I’ve heard a lot about it but not sure I am ready to experience that yet! 🙂

    I think parks are a good suggestion no matter where you go. Not only do you get to enjoy a nice break from a town or city but you get to see where all the locals hang out. I love going to parks – and it’s free!

    Good suggestions!

  2. One other cool thing to do is check out the Notting Hill Carnival – that is complete madness. A couple of million people crammed into a suburb for a couple of days, drinking beer in the streets and eating all sorts of things. I loved it.