101 Things To Do in Bangkok

101 Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand by Mark Wiens

In less than a week from now I’ll be heading back to Bangkok for the first time in a couple of years for the Digital Innovation Asia conference.

Bangkok is one of my favorite mega-cities in all of SE Asia.

It’s a city where I’ve spent time lingering for weeks, enjoying everything from the hectic party atmosphere of Khao San Road in my younger backpacker days to the tranquil Buddhist temples dotted around the city limits.

Even though I’ve spent more than a couple of months in this alpha city, I feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of what there is to see and do.

Now that I’m set to return, I plan on tackling many of the areas that I’ve previously put on the back-burner.

One of my favorite travel bloggers, Mark Wiens of Migrationology.com and EatingThaiFood.com, has put together an exhaustive list of things to do in Bangkok.

Mark has been residing in Bangkok as an expat for over 3.5 years and is a foremost expert on all things related to travel and expat living in the city.

Mark’s a true culture vulture who loves to uncover hidden gems, exotic street foods and off the beaten path activities and attractions.

101 Things to Do In Bangkok, is an affordable ebook that is chock full of useful information that will help enhance your stay in Bangkok.

Whether you’re a newbie to the city limits or an expert traveler who has been to Bangkok several times, you’ll find information in this ebook that will allow you to thrive the next time you’re visiting the City of Immortals.

I highly recommend this book to anyone planning to travel, vacation, backpack, teach or live as an expat in Bangkok:

Top attractions and things to do in Bangkok, Thailand by Mark Wiens

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This is Mark’s free YouTube video guide to some of the top attractions in Bangkok:

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