5 Hotspots for the Ultimate Luxury Family Holiday in Africa

Africa has a varied and diverse landscape and offers the perfect place to take a luxurious family holiday. There are numerous destinations across the continent of Africa that are just waiting to be experienced in comfort and style. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Riding a traditional felucca sail boat along the Nile is the perfect way to discover the magic of Egypt. Many of the nation’s most impressive attractions can be seen from the Nile while you gently sail along. Enchanting sunset dinner cruises are also available as well as sunset boat trips to the beautiful Banana Islands.

The Valley of the Kings

Discover ancient Egypt by cruising across the Nile to the west bank. Transportation is provided at the west bank to take visitors to some of the most impressive attractions in this part of the world, including the City of the Dead, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, the Temple of Seti I and the temples of Ramses IV and Thutmose III. This type of luxurious tour includes a choice of transportation options, a knowledgeable local guide and plenty of delicious delicacies to enjoy along the way.


Take a luxurious trek through the Sahara desert to discover the magic of this part of the world. Treks include transportation to the edge of the desert, as well as a gentle two day camel ride, a decadent dinner and camping underneath the stars. At the end of the trek, visitors can relax and unwind in style in one of Morocco’s traditional steam baths.

Kruger National Park

This large and lovely natural zone covers an area of 381 kilometres and is one of the most stunning attractions in the whole of South Africa. The park is home to an impressive collection of animals, including more than two thousand lions, a thousand leopards and around eight thousand elephants. Luxurious tours of the park include comfortable transportation, delicious meals and comfortable camping in a stylish tent.


Luxurious camping safaris in Tanzania are the perfect way to discover Kilmanjaro, which is the highest mountain in the whole of Africa. This decadent safari includes the chance to spend the night at the base of the mighty mountain in a luxurious tent and enjoy a fully catered dinner while taking in the dramatic scenery. The pace is gentle on this type of luxurious safari, and visitors will have plenty of time to soak up the scenery and admire the abundant flora and fauna along the way.

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