5 Strangely Unique Museums in Beijing

Picking 5 strangely unique museums to visit in Beijing may appear to be an easy task until you remember that the Chinese city is home to hundreds of museums. As a matter of fact, there are museums that cater for nearly any interest that you may have thought of such ancient Buddhists’ relics and some that you may never have imagined. You can even arrange a guided tour of the city through a Beijing tour company in order to find the city’s quirkiest museums.

The Bee Museum of China

The Bee Museum of China is hosted by Beijing’s Botanical Gardens which is known for its picturesque view and it’s adjustment to the Fragrant Hills Park. Comprising of three huge exhibition halls, the museum traces the historical ties between bees and human beings in a fascinating manner. Other than live bees, you will be treated to 475 diagrams and pictures in addition to 600 unique specimens with over 6000-years old stories to tell.

Beijing Museum of Tap Water

The Beijing Museum of Water has a strange ring to the fact that water nurtures the cradle of life. Other than advocating for environmental protection measures the world requires to preserve its fast diminishing fresh water sources, this museum traces the tap water industry’s development in the city since 1908. Located in the Qingshuiyuan Neighborhood the artistic nature of some of the taps is nothing short of baffling.

Beijing Underground City

Situated in Damochang Jie, Qianme this is a complex underground city that is made up of crisscrossing tunnels that are attached to mysterious Chinese political and social occurrences. Taking pictures isn’t allowed in this museum though it’s believed to have been built between 1965 and 1975 in preparation a then potential nuclear war arising from the Sino-Russia disputes.

Watermelon Museum

China’s watermelon capital, Daxing District is home to the Water Melon Museum which has up to 170 different types of this fruit in display. As you walk through, you will learn about the planting methods and process, making it appropriate for travelers who enjoy farm activities.

China Red Sandalwood Museum

The museum displays a collection of classical furniture made using the prestigious sandalwood. Having been set up at a cost of nearly $200 million on a 10,000 square meters space in Beijing’s Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District, It’s the city’s first largest privately owned museum with an array of exotic wood carvings that are likely make you appreciates art at another level.


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