5 Things to see and do in Barcelona, Spain

The unique La-Pedrera - Barcelona, Spain

Widely regarded as Spain’s most cosmopolitan city, tourists flock to base themselves in one of the busiest ports in all of Europe where Spain‘s most cosmopolitan city, tourists flock to base themselves in one of the busiest ports in all of Europe where trendy restaurants, bars, clubs are the norm while a diverse selection of attractions await those eager to explore.  Moreover, its the capital of Catalonia, a region with a distinct history, language and culture.  One seriously ought to consider these five landmarks as places to visit.

1)  Sagrada Famlia (Basilica de la Sagrada Famlia)

A temple that has been described most frequently as ‘surreal’ it should comes as no surprise that although it was built in 1882 it is still under construction today.  With Neo-Gothic influences, the column turtle bases (symbolic of order within chaos) compete with an eclectic mix of colours with materials such as ceramic, plaster, iron, mosaic and various kinds of stone forming its structure.

2)  La Pedrera

Much maligned when it was first designed, the La Pedrera (stone quarry) was slammed by the general public and family it was commissioned for; however, as is often the case with true works of art it won great acclaim and UNESCO heritage status in 1984.  With heavy Catalan modernism influences and a truly unique design it’s well worth a look if you’re touring Spain.

3)  Promenade

If you have the opportunity to take a stroll down the Promenade you may find it fascinating to find out that these streets were once a riverbed.  A strategic stay in a Barcelona apartment rental allows one the opportunity to truly explore the city.  One can get lost for hours strolling down the disjointed streets that lead from Plaça Catalunya to the sea.

4)  Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is simply world-class.  With over 7000 animals is the home of well known favourites and rare species.  One should consider allotting a decent amount of time to properly cover the grounds.

5)  Museu Picasso

Barcelona’s most famous adopted son, Picasso, started his impressive career in this city.  One can peruse his early and most important works of art at this show-piece museum in Spain.


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