8 Photo-Worthy Attractions to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore has plenty of sights that attract the eyes of amateur and professional photographers alike. If you’re in the city to take IG-worthy photos, you don’t have to travel far from Changi Airport to see subjects that you can take memorable pictures of.

Why is that, you ask? The airport is home to Jewel Changi Airport, which is a retail and entertainment complex that offers world-class and picturesque attractions. This lifestyle hub continues to catch the attention of both locals and tourists, and many of its featured spaces and activities have made it to numerous what to do in Changi Airport lists.

These very attractions can serve as a venue or subject for your next photo shoot. Here’s a list of some places you’ll definitely want to check out:

Shiseido Forest Valley

The Shiseido Forest Valley allows you to experience nature while staying close to the comforts that one has come to expect from an entertainment and retail centre. This man-made valley forest has over 900 trees and palms, 60,000 shrubberies, and a few waterfall displays.

In addition to its lush greenery, the attraction features tranquil music, light shows, and water mists to give you an immersive experience as you walk through the trails. The views at night are also wholly different from the views during the day, so you can easily plan daytime and night time shoots without changing locations.

HSBC Rain Vortex

Located at the heart of Shiseido Forest Valley, the HSBC Rain Vortex is a waterfall display spanning seven storeys. This breathtaking attraction is also used for light-and-sound shows, where various lights and shapes cloak the waterfall. If you’re looking for a waterfall backdrop that’s convenient to get to and can impress your IG followers, this is it.

Petal Garden

Within Canopy Park is the Petal Garden, one of the most picturesque locations to visit within Jewel Changi Airport. Here, you’ll be surrounded by the sight of various flowers from different countries. The range of colours enhances each of the flower exhibits and assures you that you won’t need a filter for any of the photos you take.

Topiary Walk

Also located within Canopy Park, the Topiary Walk gives you an almost zoo-like experience as it reimagines animals and breathes life into them through the use of flowers and plants. The sight gives you a colourful display and marries the form of animals and plant life.

Just like in a zoo, you can take pictures of the animal sculptures by themselves. It’s also an option to stand in front or beside the sculptures.

Canopy Bridge

The Canopy Bridge stands twenty-three metres above the ground and gives you a view of Shiseido Forest Valley from the air. Not only will this spot give you the best view of the valley, but it will also give you a good angle to take photos of the garden.

The Canopy Bridge has glass flooring in the middle and each end has a fog machine. As such, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in the sky as you take photo after photo. Aside from allowing you to see the whole of Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Bridge is the best place to view and take pictures of the HSBC Rain Vortex.

Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze is a majestic attraction that presents tons of opportunities for photo-taking. Artificial flowers sprout out of the hedges on particular pathways as you walk, and these can serve as a background for your photos. At the core of the Hedge Maze is a watchtower where you can see the maze from above and take pictures of it.

Mirror Maze

In addition to posing a fun challenge to visitors, the Mirror Maze uses abstract shapes and lights. Its effect offers guests a visually psychedelic experience. Because of these trippy effects, the Mirror Maze can give you the chance to shoot lots of mind-blowing photos. You can, for example, take a snapshot featuring multiple reflections of yourself in the same room.

Changi Experience Studio

This studio is a virtual museum of Changi Airport’s history and operations. It features multiple immersive areas that use advanced technology and various light effects to capture anyone’s attention. With 20 interactive and 10 content zones, Changi Experience presents a lot of fun activities and backdrops for photos.

Among the things that you can see during your tour of the studio is a garden that sings, a stationary bike where you can race with an aeroplane, and a view of the Sky Deck from a series of screens.

Changi is the Best Airport in the World for a Reason

Changi Airport is an attraction in itself as much as it’s a renowned transportation hub. You don’t have to leave the airport to find one-of-a-kind backgrounds and subjects. Check out these spots and easily take photos that will serve as a fond remembrance of your trip to Singapore.

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