Adventure-Filled Oahu

Whether you’ve come to Oahu on your honeymoon or with the whole family, there are tons of activities you can do to fill your day with adventure. Here are our tops picks for a seamless combination of adventure and relaxation that keeps you coming back for more. Depending on who you are and whom you’re with, you might take some of these activities to the extreme. So hop on and let the fun begin…

Diamond Head… As you probably already know, Diamond Head is one of the biggest attractions in all of Hawaii—and not just because of its gargantuan size! The 763-foot crater rises above Oahu’s south shore, providing awe-inspiring views for the visitors daring enough to climb in. In all truth, the hike is a level 2 on the difficulty scale. It’s perfectly suitable for kids and adults and everybody from athletic to passive. If you want to step it up a notch from the tourist stroll up, we recommend the mountain bike tour down, or even paragliding from the top! There are no limits to your daring escapades.


Dolphin Encounters…There’s more than one way to get the experience of being close to one of nature’s most tender animals. One way is to hop in on a trained dolphin experience at one of Oahu’s Sea Life locations. This will allow you to get up close and personal to dolphins, swim beside them, and even go for a ride! Oahu also offers boating/snorkeling trips that allow you to swim alongside wild dolphins. You won’t be able to touch these beautiful creatures, but will get a real life experience of what these animals are like in the wild.

Waikiki Beaches… Your can’t-miss adventure on Oahu has got to be the beaches at Waikiki. There are a variety of beaches with tons of amenities including surf rentals, snorkelling  paragliding, and of course lounge chairs and umbrellas when you’re all tuckered out. Just a short walk from some of Waikiki’s best-priced hotels, like The Modern Honolulu, the beaches on Oahu are difficult to beat. Whether you’re using your beach days as another adventure-filled afternoon, or just lounging without a care, the sand and sun will not disappoint.

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