An African Cruise Adventure

From the upmarket wine tasting areas of the Stellenbosch wine route to the Kenyan big-game wildlife safaris, the diversity of Africa makes it a fascinating place to go on a cruise. Here are some of the ports of call you should definitely take in to really get a flavour for the variety.

Ports of Call

South Africa

A visit to Cape Town is a must for any trip to Africa. You can learn about the history of the country in the Apartheid Museum, shop in the swanky upmarket areas, take a trip to swim with great white sharks and drink in the scenery from the top of the famous Table Mountain.


Most cruises heading to Africa will give you the opportunity to go on a safari to see Kenya’s majestic wildlife. Get closer to lions, cheetahs, leopards, wildebeest, elephants and many more species. The country is located on the equator and boasts a coastline on the Indian Ocean, along with a snow-capped mountain after which the country is named.


A traditional sunshine holiday destination, Egypt is famous for both its stunning, white sand beaches and its unique, fascinating pyramids. The pyramids are tombs for the ancient Kings of Egypt and they are steeped in history. In fact the great pyramid of Giza is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still remains.

African cuisine

Much of the cuisine in Africa is based on locally available produce such as fruit, vegetables and cereals. Meat and dairy products are also popular. North African cuisine is particularly interesting and tasty, being based around a slow cooking style in which a complete dish is cooked in a pot known as a tagine. The food traditionally contains a rich variety of spices.


There are hundreds of languages spoken in Africa, some of which may be spoken by only a few hundred people while others are spoken by millions. It is therefore difficult to advise upon which language is best to learn for your trip to Africa, but in many parts they speak European languages such as English so you should be able to communicate with the locals.

Consider Africa for a cruise adventure and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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