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The wait is officially over!

Backpacking Travel TV picture of Samuel and Audrey

We know you’ve been salivating for months in anticipation of a Backpacking travel youtube tv channel that will satisfy your palette.  For those who love poorly edited, goofy and at times obscene travel videos, oh boy, do we have something in store for you!

In all seriousness, Backpacking Travel TV is a new travel youtube channel I’m very excited about.  As an avid travel photographer & writer, I’ve always felt something was missing from my arsenal.  In the past, I’ve taken video and shared it with a larger audience but it was always clips that did not involve me being in it.  Although for some (not having my ugly mug in the videos) would be a welcome feature, but I’ve always felt my videos lacked any sort of personal touch.

When I met and started dating Audrey (That Backpacker) several months ago, one of the things we talked about wanting to do was create our very own youtube channel that reflected our personalities and places we visited together.  We almost immediately started creating videos  and throwing them up on Nomadic Samuel.  It was the first time either of us had done this style of filming, so I can suggest without hesitation, that we both were thumbing our way along in the beginning (especially me) and over time have shown some signs of improvement in what we’re doing behind the lens and video editing program.  Cutting our teeth on my youtube channel was a safe way to start things off; however, at this point we’re looking to take things a step further and with it comes our new youtube backpacking travel tv channel!

What Our Travel Channel Features:

1)  Self Depreciating Humor

Plenty of self depriciating humour, more often than not, at the expense of Nomadic Samuel

2)  Destination Information

Background information about the places we visit along with general tips and suggestions

3)  Random Goofiness

When I said these videos would be an extension of our real life personalities I wasn’t kidding.  We tend to be a goofy lot.

Overall we want to document the adventures we have together and share them with a larger audience.  We’ve chosen youtube as our platform and there are four ways you can keep up with the latest and not so greatest.

How You Can Follow Along

1)  Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel

By subscribing to your youtube channel (click here and notice the subscribe button) you’ll get our videos as soon as they’re uploaded with access to our entire collection.  This is the best way of following along every misstep of the way.

2)  Checking out our freshly minted Backpacking Travel Blog site

This is where we plan to share 60% of the videos we make together on backpacking travel blog tv.  A bonus of viewing our videos from here is that we plan to do a write-up about more of the background information and details not found in the youtube video or description box.

3)  Staying right here on Nomadic Samuel Travel Blog

If you stay right here you’ll be able to see roughly 20% of the videos we make together as we plan to share our videos from time to time on our personal travel blogs.

4)  Making your way over to That Backpacker Travel Blog

For another 20% of our videos be sure to check out Audrey’s quirky personal blog ‘That Backpacker.’

Come check out the five videos we’ve made together on our new channel!

Exploring the old neighbourhood I used to work when I first came to Korea many moons ago.

Visiting a popular Korean university

Taking the train in Korea

Exploring Bamboo Forests in Korea

Exploring a Korean Green Tea Plantation

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  4. says: Sherry

    You guys are totally living your goals. I’ve had a YouTube account for years, but only a few videos. And they’re all private family ones. Good work on your channel. You both look like you are having fun. And that is always a sign of good things to come.

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  7. says: Wendy Irene

    Congratulations on your new You Tube channel! That is awesome. I love watching vlogs to break up some of the reading I do. It is a lot of fun to visit different areas of the world via the internet, and I look forward to seeing your travel videos. Have a great week!

  8. says: Maria

    You had me at self-depreciating humor – can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at others. Ha!
    These are fun (and informative).