Bodrum: an unbeatable mix of beauty and history

The cultural history of the West and the East meet in dynamic Turkey, where a major appeal lies in the selection of historical and cultural experiences that are simply unrivalled elsewhere.

Of course, the country is also famous for the wonderful beach holidays that its long coastlines offer, which also boast some of the best resorts in the world.

The south-western region of Turkey around the Aegean Sea is where you will find the Bodrum Peninsula, which gets its name from the major historical town of Bodrum itself and which has a history that stretches back thousands of years.

Getting to Bodrum 

Turkey’s unique qualities and exotic appeal can make it seem further away than it actually is. In fact, it isn’t even a long haul flight from the UK, with trips from airports dotted around the country only taking around four hours.

Bodrum town 

An ancient town that can trace its history back over thousands of years, Bodrum has been an important port in many different eras, each of which has left its mark with historic buildings and architecture. The town is still a working port today, as it is a centre for the international yachting community which makes Bodrum Harbour a bustling hub of activity, cuisine and night life entertainment.

Amongst the other major attractions the town has to offer is Bodrum Castle, also called the Castle of Saint Peter. This amazing building was originally constructed in the 15th century and today it offers a breathtaking view of the town and its surroundings. Near the castle, the ancient amphitheatre provides another stunning attraction from the past, with the 2,000-year-old remains enough to excite anyone with an interest in classical history.


Although the history of Bodrum is important, it is the beaches that are the main draw for most holidaymakers. A major attraction on the Bodrum Peninsula is Bitez beach, which is a narrow stretch of golden sand running for miles along the Aegean coastline and which boasts an extremely shallow descent into the clear blue sea waters.

Gumbet is another very popular resort, with a fantastic selection of cafés, bars and restaurants providing a busy daytime cosmopolitan mix alongside the stunning beach.

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