Calgary: A Canadian Summer Getaway

With its small city feel, crystalline lakes, and white snow capped mountains in the background, Calgary is quickly becoming a top Canadian destination for those looking to explore more of their own backyard. This is an incredibly scenic part of the country and it is easy to see why so many people are drawn to vast expanse of nature.

Here are some of our ideas for things to do on your trip out west:

Visit the National Parks

There are many parks in Calgary, but the best known out of them all is Banff National Park. Banff was in established in 1885 and it is the oldest national park in all of Canada. Located in the Rocky Mountains, the park is a short drive outside of Calgary and it offers some of the most scenic trails in the country. You should also make time for Jasper National Park, Sylvan Lake, and Columbia Icefield Glacier.


Hit the water for some river rafting

This is a favorite summer activity for many Calgary visitors. Both the Bow and Elbow Rivers are superb for river rafting. If you’re looking for a lengthy day of river rafting in the Bow River, the best place to begin is in Cochrane and float down into Calgary. This river runs faster and is wider than the Elbow River. Whichever river you choose, always remember to wear a life jacket to be safe from any potential danger.

Relax at a place that feels like home

When going on holiday you want to be able to rest your head somewhere that feels like home; this is where a place like Roseman comes into the picture. They offer furnished rentals with a spacious living area, a fully functioning kitchen, and a widescreen TV if you need an afternoon off to just watch movies.

Dine at the outdoor patios

It’s a rejuvenating feeling to relax on a patio amid summer heat as you eat or drink. It’s even better if you have your family and friends with you to enjoy the memorable moments together. Calgary has several fantastic restaurant patios that make different kinds of delicious meals and salivating drinks which you’ll surely enjoy.

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