Cesar Manrique and the unique architecture of Lanzarote

The unique architecture of the beautiful island of Lanzarote has to be seen to be believed and it’s all down to one man; the artist and architect Cesar Manrique.

Born in Lanzarote in 1919, Cesar Manrique has always felt tightly connected to the island. An adventurous and passionate young man, he fought in the Spanish Civil War and travelled extensively, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Andy Warhol and other great artists of his generation. His heart remained in Lanzarote, however, and when the island began to become popular with tourists, Manrique was at the forefront of creating the “new Lanzarote,” an island which would delight tourists without losing its character.

Adamant about steering clear of high rise hotels and characterless holiday homes, the environmentally friendly Lanzarote that Manrique created bursts with personality. It’s easy to take it all in by taking advantage of a great deal such as holidays to Lanzarote with Monarch. Under Manrique’s doting eye, Lanzarote’s buildings were not permitted to be taller than the highest palm tree on the island, which means that you get stunning vistas without your view being obscured by high rise flats and hotels. The buildings also have to be painted in similar colours to compliment the surroundings making it easy on the eye.

Cesar Manrique died in his beloved Lanzarote in 1992, but he left a legacy of artistic and architectural beauty that is hard to beat. The Cesar Manrique Foundation, established shortly before his death, seeks to ensure that all Spanish tourist destinations are similarly aesthetically pleasing.

The architect also left behind stunning artwork across the island, which today is part of some of Lanzarote’s main tourist attractions. You can get close to the man himself by visiting his house, which he lovingly designed and crafted, and which features an art gallery with his work, as well as some by fellow Spanish superstar artists Picasso and Miro. All the money raised by ticket sales to Manrique’s home goes to nature preservation on the island, just as he would have wanted.

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