Cheap Rooms in Myrtle Beach with the Best Perks

Cheap hotels in Myrtle Beach come with various perks that are often overlooked because price is usually the only factor guests consider. However, with the modern information age, details about the facilities and services a hotel offers can easily be verified and compared. When choosing a cheap hotel the perks you choose to consider will depend on the types of services you are looking for. The most common perks that people look for are listed below.

Free WiFi: Unless you are looking for a natural hotel that is tucked away in the wilderness and unmolested by the man-made inventions, free WiFi is must in other circumstances. There are hotels that charge for this service, but the cost is not always competitive and can be considerably expensive if you intend to use the Internet for extended period. When booking always check that the hotel offers free wireless connections as part of the booking package.

Recreational Facilities: Business travelers rarely consider recreational facilities because they do not have time to be entertained. Families with children will consider recreational facilities and the variety being offered before the book to take their children. Whatever the case, recreational facilities are other perks that should be factored into the equation.

Children Friendly: Some hotels are not child-friendly. There are usually many reasons for his. From the lack of recreational services to the policies of the hotel some accommodations are not created for children. If you are travelling with children it is important that the services are adapted to take care of the little ones. This can be done through childcare facilities to providing cribs and extra beds for children. There are some hotels that will also have special recreational facilities for the little ones such as a playground or a special pool for children.

Animal Friendly: Not all hotels will allow animals on their premises. Therefore, never assume that because you booked a room that this service is extended to your little pooch. Additionally, the breed of your dog will also be a determining factor that hotels take into consideration to judge whether they accept your dog onto their premises. Dogs that are considered aggressive to humans and those that are large in size are usually the ones that are excluded from the possibility of staying in a cheap hotel room with you.

Disability Friendly: The construction design of numerous hotels does not take disabled guests into consideration. As a result, those that need special care and facilities in place usually have to look elsewhere to be able to find somewhere that is disability friendly. When planning to travel with someone with a disability, make sure the premises and the room you book are adapted to accommodate someone with a disability.  

Complimentary Services: Complimentary services come in different forms depending on the budget of the hotel. Some will offer the morning paper as a complimentary service and there are those that will take things a little further and offer free breakfast as part of their complimentary package. Whatever the choice, always make sure to check for the types of complimentary services to see what value you are getting for your money.

Square Meters: Very few people consider the square meters of the room they plan to stay. They simply book a room and that is it. Knowing the size of room you are booking is important if you plan to stay for an extended period at the hotel. A spacious cheap hotel room can give you a sense of well being as opposed to a cramped surrounding where you have very little room to move about. 

Collaboration: Some hotels collaborate with others to offer better services to their guests. This perk not only gives you access to different locations but you may be able to tap into the services of these location without paying extra because the costs are already taken care of in your booking fee.

Multilingual: Will you have to be the one to flip out a dictionary to understand what the staff is saying or will it be the other way around? Clear communication is important to have to a pleasant stay at a hotel. Always look for hotels that have multilingual staff.

Airport Pickup and Shuttle Service: This type of service is usually offered as complimentary and is only available upon request. This perk will help you save time and avoid excess planning to get from and to the hotel. Furthermore it is a guaranteed service.

Autonomy: Will you be entirely dependent on the hotel’s restaurant for a meal or other surrounding restaurants? Some guests do not mind this, but there are others that would prefer a kitchenette or even a full kitchen to be able to help themselves and feel more at home. This is another perk that can be taken into consideration when looking for cheap hotels in Myrtle Beach.

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