A Cultural Visit to Xian

Xian is one of the major economic and political centers in Shaanxi province. Its historic importance to the economy of china cannot be underestimated. As one of the largest cities in North China, Xian boasts of great historical attractions that bring thousands of tourists and visitors on a yearly basis.

The Ancient Xian City Wall

This attraction represents the famous historic cultural city of China. This is one of the complete walls that once served as a military defensive system. The wall underwent enlargement in Ming dynasty and now stands 12m tall. It measures approximately 14 kilometers in length. Another notable unique feature of the wall is the moat that surrounds it. Visitors have the chance to walk or opt to cycle on the wall. If you want the best sightseeing moments, the south gate is the most appropriate.

The Big Goose Pagoda

This is an ancient structure that originally consisted of five storeys. The structure was initially built in Sui dynasty. Five more storeys were included to the pagoda and this brought the total to ten. The structure is now one of the most famous in China. Thousands of tourists visit this great attraction to learn more about the history of Xian city. Even though it was later reduced to seven storeys after being damaged during the World War 2, it still remains as a historic cultural attraction to visit.

Famen Temple

This temple is located in Famen town and even though it is far from, the center of Xian, it is still a tourist backbone for Xian. The 120 kilometers may sound like a long way to travel but this particular temple is recognized as one of the ancient valuable religious locations in China. This is the reason why you must make effort and visit this historic cultural place in China.

Mt Huashan

This mountain is located east of Xian city and it is also referred to as the flower mountain. Huashan is also recognized as one of the holy mountains of this city because of its unique geographical locations. Many tourists visit this mountain in order to witness the breathtaking cliffs as they climb to the peak.

Xian Banpo Museum

Xian Banpo museum is a true reflection of the ancient history of China. The hall of the museum is characterized by cultural relics, ruins and clay cave ruins. There is a statue in the museum that resembles the Banpo people. The museum is among the top 5 Cultural sites to visit in Xian, China.

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