Dreaming of Spain

These days I’m getting itchy feet and I’ve been pondering lately where I’m thinking of going on my next big adventure.  I’ve spent copious amounts of time in Asia and had an extended trip all over South America.  I’ve travelled near home and half way around the world; however, I’ve yet to set foot in Europe and that’s almost embarrassing.  Out of all the European countries I’m most interested visiting, few are higher on my list than Spain.  I’ve just heard so many wonderful things about the country from friends over the years and there are many appealing aspects, such as the fact it’s quite a bit more affordable than many other Western European nations.  The following are three places / things to do I’m just dying to visit Spain.

Architecture of Antoní Gaudí

I’m a huge fan of Antoni Guadi’s architecture.  I find it’s one of the most unique styles in the world and I’d love to feast my eyes upon the La Sagrada Familia.  Even critics who despise it often advise others to check it out.  How can you go wrong with a place like that?

Check Out  A Flamenco Show

Whenever I visit a country I want to absorb as much of the culture as I possibly can.  When in Spain I would absolutely have to check out a Flamenco Show.  It’s incredible that such a traditional form of music is as alive and well today as it has ever been.  I can imagine myself going to more than just one show.  For those looking to take in a show there are Spain Breaks with Drectline-holidays worth considering.

Studying Spanish

When I was travelling in South America I was just getting into photography for the first time and I only picked up a bit of Spanish at the time.  I was totally obsessed with my camera and taking photos that I feel I missed out on a good opportunity.  When I arrive in Spain for the first time, I plan on rectifying this situation by plunking down in a city like Barcelona and spending several weeks/months learning Spanish.

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  1. says: Allensharon

    Hi Frnds, Spain is most beautiful place . So many people have a great time in spain .And their taxis for hire are easily identifiable with the green light overhead but tourists should be careful with the meter. Late night journeys demand extra payment. This is my small suggestion Guys ……………Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hola Sam! Spain is a fabulous country, and while I can speak glorious chants of praise about Barcelona and Gaudi, it is not a city to move to for A) seeing flameco shows B) learning Spanish. While you will certainly run into Spanish speakers, practically everyone is bilingual, you may find a lot of trouble deciphering from Catalan – you’ll read street and shop signs, hear the TV, or even be answered in this language. Speaking from personal experience it’s difficult to immerse yourself…but if you’re OK with that, and go into it with these expectations it can be a tremendous city; nightlife, dining out, fresh produce, beaches, museums….list goes on. Mucha suerte! Good luck!

  3. says: Simon

    You’ve yet to set foot in Europe? That is embarrassing! And to think that I take advice from you… Haha, I kid. I haven’t been to South America yet. I love Spain – but maybe you should read the story below, in the Comment Love, if you’ve only heard good things about that country! You have to be careful, it’s also slightly dodgier than other Western European countries – and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  4. says: Thomas S. Moore

    Though there are more recent posts this one caught my attention. My wife and I a really looking at moving to Spain. Not Madrid or Barcelona though kinda out of our price range. Learning Spanish will definitely be a must. How do you plan on learning? Is there a program or are you just going to put yourself in the situation and force feed it to yourself?

  5. I had a great time in Spain but in the grand of scheme of my year in Europe I realise it wasn’t too social as far as connections with locals. Maybe I hadn’t hit my stride yet but the language barrier might have been the hurdle.

    I hope my NomadicSamuel guest post on the Culture and Subculture of Spain is of some help. There is such vibrancy and festivity there, its intoxicating.

    1. Most of the cool kids would recommend Sevilla or other parts of Andalucia over Madrid if you’re down for settling and language learning. Madrid and Barcelona are pretty great international cities, especially if you’re keen on World Class sport, music etc…

  6. Ahh, Spain is definitely one of my favourite places in Europe 🙂 I <3 Barcelona – surely one of the best cities out there for locals and tourists alike!

    I'm not much of a church-goer, but the La Sagrada Familia is truly breathtaking.

  7. says: brandy bell

    I was doing such a great job traveling the world… I came to Spain. I unpacked the bag and settled down- two and a half years ago! Sam, you’re welcome any time, but beware of falling in love with the country 🙂

  8. says: Margyle

    Spain’s a good time… despite me only being in Barcelona (and having a roommate from Mallorca lol) I feel I can say it’s an awesome place haha. After a while though, you start to feel like Gaudi is everywhere and it’s because he is! I would love to see how Sagrada Familia has progressed since I was there. Have a bitchin time!