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Backpacks on the bench

It can be hard to get back to reality when you return from the backpacking trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s the commute, the weather or the cost of living, there’s always something that makes life back in the UK unappealing.

The Office Of National Statistics reported that 174,000 people left the UK to work abroad during the 12 months to March 2011, with Australia and the USA proving to be two of the most popular destinations. Every year, thousands of people grow tired of the mundane nine-to-five and swap the UK for a new country.

And now you’ve decided to join them and leave the UK to start a new life abroad. If you are preparing to emigrate, there are many things you need to get sorted before you go. Somewhere to live, the one-way ticket, tying up your affairs in this country and of course converting all your assets into the currency of your chosen destination.

Exchanging currency while traveling

With the pound remaining at a low level, it is more important than ever to make sure you get the best exchange rate available when you transfer your assets. It can be frustrating enough when you lose out on a tenner (£10) because of a bad exchange rate when you go on holiday, so make sure the same doesn’t happen on a much larger scale when you emigrate. Can you imagine how much an extra per cent could cost you when you’re transferring tens of thousands of pounds?

However, right now you have got so much to organise, it’s hard to know how you can find the time to search out the best deal for you.

Whether you’re emigrating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA, if you shop around you can find unbeatable exchange rates with no hidden charges or commission. Companies such as Torfx.com (UK) offer rates that can be 5% better than what a bank will offer and the exchange rate can be frozen up to one year ahead. This can help you to take advantage of a very favourable rate when you finally move months later.

You will also receive fast and free international transfers as well as giving you expert advice and guidance on how best to transfer your assets and any help at this time is more than welcome as you are probably exhausted trying to organise everything.

These services are designed to save you money and precious time, so you can focus on making sure all your plans for your new life are in order. As soon as you’re ready to go move your assets across and start enjoying your new life.

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