Five Sites You Have To Visit in Portugal

If you’re planning a trip within Europe, holidays to Portugal are a great option. Aside from the sunny climate, there are a number of sights to see and cultural aspects to explore.

Once you have a room booked, you can begin to plan an exciting itinerary which may involve the contemporary delights of Lisbon or the rural area of the north and south.

If you’re a food connoisseur, you’ll be pleased to learn that Portugal boasts a worldly menu of dishes and many of the restaurants, market kiosks and cafes stay open until late at night, but just what are five of the must-visit sites?

1. National Palace of Pena

This has to be one of Portugal’s most famed tourist attractions, and rightly so.

This grand establishment is everything you’d imagine a castle to be, but with a twist – it’s funky, stylish and modern in style. Located just a short distance from Lisbon, the castle is easy to get to, taking around 30 minutes on a bus or train, but many visitors choose to stay for the evening to get the full experience.

2. Monastery of Alcobaca

This impressive UNESCO World Heritage site is not to be missed if you’re visiting Portugal. It’s the country’s first Gothic building to be created and boasts a quaint 900-year-old crypt.


Filled to the brim with spooky stories, this is certainly an attraction for ghost lovers!

3. Prehistoric Rock-Art Sites In The Coa Valley 

Located 150km east of Porto, this ‘art on a rock’ was created over 22,000 years ago. Regardless of whether you believe it to be beautiful or not, it’s definitely a sight worth seeing, so pack your camera and make your way down there!

4. Ponta Da Piedade

The Algarve is one of the most visited destinations in Portugal and is described as their poster destination. Clear azure waters are surrounded by quirky rock formations and the best way to explore this paradise is to jump aboard a boat.


The nearest airport is Faro, which makes travel links even easier.

5. Belem

Although Belem features in the suburbs of Lisbon, the area is brimming with photo opportunities, including the Monument to the Discoveries, the Belham Tower and the Maritime Museum.

Whilst in the area it’s recommended that you take a stroll along the waterfront and lap up the astounding scenery that surrounds this picture-perfect area.

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