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For those planning a trip to Queensland, a trip to the Gold Coast to visit the beaches is an absolute must. With over 30 beaches on offer there is literally something for everyone. The following is a guide recommending select beaches for specific activities and age groups:


For those seeking adventure and the best waves there are plenty of beaches to crave the most rabid surfing appetite. From novice to advanced, world class surfing options are at your disposal.

1) Snapper Rocks – affectionately referred to as the ‘superbank’ is located right on the Queensland-New South Wales border and is considered by many as the best surfing beach in the world. With event such as the Roxy Pro and Quiksilver Pro it’s hard to argue with such as statement.

2) The Spit – is one of the more accessible surfing beaches loacted on the northern end of the Gold Coast and is always a reliable option.

3) Currmbin Alley – is reknown for its picturesque scenery and is the ‘it’ spot for novice and beginning surfers to get their feet wet.


1) Burleigh Heads – by far the most popular beach for those looking to take a dip, the conditions are generally fantastic and on an ideal day resemble the calmness of a bay.

2) Billinga – situated near the southern end of the Gold Coast this beach is a mainstay for those wanting to swim.


1) Surfers Paradise – is what is typically referred to as the Gold Coast’s beach headquarters. With an assortment of water-sports activities it is fun for the whole family.

2) Main Beach – is one of the more swanky and trendy areas that offers a bit more luxury to those wanting the ultimate comfort for their family.

3) South Stradbroke Island – has camping facilities set in a natural environment and is protected from large waves making it ideal for swimming and general watersports.

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For those looking to relax and avoid the crowds the following three beaches are your best bets for somewhere a bit more secluded:

1) Nobby Beach

2) Mermad Beach

3) Tallebudgera

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