Hawaii + the Prime Time for Off-Season Travel

While taking off in the summer and holiday season is your best bet for uninterrupted vacation time, thinking about waiting until the off-season is well worth the wait. Why? There are a few reasons; and if you are looking to travel to Hawaii, taking time and thought to plan your trip will make it infinitely better.

The easy way to do Hawaii is to book and plan your whole trip with a travel agent. Go in the middle of summer, stay on a seaside resort, and book all your sunset cruises and snorkeling adventures at once. Truthfully, even if you take this route you will of course enjoy every minute of it. While there’s really no way to go wrong when you’re traveling Hawaii, if you don’t have the budget for pricey resorts and extravagant cruises, here are a few tips you might want to help you save:

  1. Travel Off-Season

Yes, Hawaii is more pleasant than most places year-round, but believe it or not there is an off-season and you can take advantage of it by carefully selecting when you take your trip. The best time to go is spring (April to June) and fall (September to December). Oddly enough these are some of the better times to be in Hawaii, weather wise. So, you’re not only beating the crowds and the peak-season prices, but you’re getting the most awesome sun you could imagine. You can find cheaper flights and tons of package deals around this time like the Aqua Aloha Surf Hotel offering rooms for just $99.

  1. Stay Off-Shore

 Your next step to getting even more bang for your buck is choosing the right hotel. Your best bet is to pick a hotel or resort that isn’t right off the shore. The prices significantly drop when you stay in the city and you are getting just as much, the same amenities, plus a 5 minutes walk to the beach. Remember, the place you stay doesn’t have to be more than a landing-pad for the fun day-adventures you have. As long as your hotel offers the basics, you are good to go.

  1. Travel Wise

Coming to Hawaii off-season also means less-crowds. This is ideal for the traveler who is looking to have somewhat of a more authentic experience in Hawaii. This is the perfect opportunity for you to respectably use locals as a resource for adventure. Rather than asking the concierge the best surf spots in town, ask a local. Most of the time, if you are respectful and kind, you’ll get a way better answer than you could find on spot-scouting websites or in any tourist brochure. This is true for help with restaurants, getaways and even just the local beach hangout.

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