Luxury escapes to France and Italy

When it comes to luxurious self-catered holidays, France and Italy are two of the most popular destinations. While these two countries may be home to some big name cities like Paris, Rome, Florence, and Venice, there’s something about escaping to countryside villages and seaside towns that just proves irresistible. Here’s a look at some popular getaways in the region:

Peaceful setting in Provence

A place like Provence is pleasant any time of year; you have the cherry orchards blooming in early spring, enchanting lavender fields during the early summer months, or you can simply relax by the swimming pool during the August heat.

One destination in particular that you won’t want to miss is Roussillon. With its sun-burnt and ochre-stained buildings, this charming little spot has been nicknamed “the most beautiful village in France” – a title that it most certainly tries to live up to. The village’s unique position atop the cliffs means that it has stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Another popular destination in the region is Aix-en-Provence, which is home to Roman architecture, elegant fountains and beautiful boutiques – it’s a place where you can simply wander without much of an agenda.

Sun-kissed hills in Tuscany 

Many things draw people to Tuscany. What’s not to love about this region? You have rolling hills, medieval hilltop villages, great weather, and of course the food! Tuscany is home to some delicious traditional dishes like Arista alla Fiorentina (roast pork) and Salame Toscano (classic salami), and you can’t forget the wines! Tuscany is synonymous with vineyards and that means you can easily drink your way around. Foodies will love this place.

Pebbly beaches in the French Riviera

The French Riviera has long been known as the playground of the rich and famous, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be accessible to the average traveller. Located on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera is made up of glamorous beaches like St. Tropez, Monaco and Cannes, and the location is particularly popular during the summer months. Of course, there’s plenty more to this place than just beaches. If you find yourself in the region, it’s also possible to visit the perfumeries of Grasse, the glass blowers of Biot, the potters in Vallauris, and the charming rock-perched villages of Eze and Gourdon.

As you can see France and Italy offer diverse holidays – from beaches, to pastoral landscapes, to cliff-perched towns – however, what these have in common is that they are great destinations for luxurious self-catered holidays. Whether you’re looking to rent an entire villa where you can share summer days with your extended family, or whether you simply need a romantic retreat in a quaint little cottage, this is something you’ll be able to enjoy here.

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