New Zealand: In Search of Adrenaline Sports

New Zealand is a country that is full of adrenaline sports and adventures; it is a place where no visit feels complete unless you’ve rolled down a hill in what looks like a hamster ball or done something equally as strange and frightening. Before engaging in all of the adrenaline rush activities it is paramount to ensure you’ve covered yourself.

Here are some adrenaline filled adventure activities to try in New Zealand:


Zorbing involves rolling down a gentle slope in a transparent plastic ball. Zorbing is safe since you don’t come in direct contact with the ground, and it consists of two plastic spheres which help protect you. With the ability to attain 50 kilometers an hour, zorbing is indeed an adrenaline filled adventure.


Take part in white water and black water rafting. White water rafting is on an open uneven river surface, while black water rafting goes through underground cave rivers. There are different rafting grades, ranging from 1 to 5. Grade 1 involves gentle rafting while grade 5 is the most extreme rafting.


Jump out of an airplane and experience free falling from the sky for a few brief seconds before the chute opens. Skydiving for the first time will give you an insane adrenaline rush. Experience the beautiful view of the earth from more than ten thousand feet above.

Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping is a pronounced a rite of passage for tourists visiting New Zealand. Feel the heart stopping moment once you jump off the bridge while attached to a bouncy chord. Kawarau Bridge and Nevis Valley are great places to take the big leap.

A trip to New Zealand with leave your heart pumping.

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