Post studying trip: where will you choose?

Whether you’re at college and dreaming of what to do in your gap year, or you’ve recently finished uni and you’re just working to save a few extra pennies, the thought of that post- studying getaway is one which can cause both excitement and fear. It’s a big wide world out there, and the idea of taking responsibility for your own trip can be a little scary. But don’t worry; we’re here to lend a helping hand! The list of potential destinations is endless. However, lucky for you, we’re doing all the hard work, creating a list of our favourite ‘post studying trips.’ You just sort out the essentials, like getting single trip insurance, and we’ll handle the rest (you can thank us later…)


Ever watched The Beach and thought about searching for paradise yourself? Well, in our opinion, it’s very possible. Grab yourself some cheap flights and you’ll be there in no time, soaking up the sun in a culture that amazes tourists each year. Visit in April and you’ll be able to experience the Songkran Festival, a ‘water festival’ that brings thousands together to cool down in what’s considered as the country’s hottest month. It also gives an insight into the beliefs and traditions of Thailand, and a taster of what Buddhism entails. But no matter when you travel, you’ll certainly have plenty to do. Why not immerse yourself in Thailand’s heritage by visiting the Sri Suriyothai or the Wat Na Phra Men, and distract yourself from the stunning beaches and bays. Well, just for a little while anyway.

South Africa

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, then South Africa is definitely the best post-studying trip for you. If the thought of indulging yourself in wine and gourmet festivals doesn’t appeal to you, then what about swimming with penguins? If you’re a fan of these adorable animals then Boulders Beach (near Cape Town) provides the perfect opportunity to get to know these creatures a little better. Or perhaps you’d prefer something with a little more danger, like diving with great white sharks for instance? Located in Gansbaai,this unique chance allows you to see these predators of the sea like you’ve never seen them before. Or if these activities don’t float your boat, then you could always try surfing; South Africa’s coastline is well worth checking out.


India is a place which books and TV images can never fully portray; to truly get a feel for Indian culture, you have to experience it for yourself. With an air of mystery and exoticism that continues to astound visitors; India is a bright and vibrant country with culinary delights that are guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. And that’s not all! An obvious attraction to this destination has to be one of the most famous Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, a construction that is far from your average mausoleum. What’s also great about India is that it offers plenty opportunities to volunteer, so if you’re interested in helping others, then this is a brilliant place to do so.

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  2. says: Shalu Sharma

    Hey guys India is the way to go. Although some of the places mentioned are also great. But you just got to come to India once in a lifetime. But if was doing it and being Indian, I would have gone for South Africa or Thailand.

  3. says: Arti

    Such a concept of travelling is almost non existant in Indian culture!! I dont think students here can even think of a gap year! But a very good post Sam 🙂