Road-tripping along Australia’s Indian Ocean Drive

The Indian Ocean Drive stretches from Perth to Geraldton in Western Australia through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country. It is a modern highway that was opened in 2010 along the Coral Coast that stays very near the sea and travels though picturesque coastal towns, along white-sand beaches and through fields of colorful wildflowers.

The bright wildflowers are along the road outside Perth on the way to Geraldton between June and November. There is beautiful coastal scenery along the way and parking bays that offer spectacular views of Wedge Island.

The next stop is in the coastal town of Cervantes to visit the Pinnacles Desert. Considered one of the most unique landscapes in Australia, these golden limestone structures are quite amazing and stand up to 3.5 meters tall. There is a Desert Discovery Center where visitors learn about the origins of the pinnacles.

While in Cervantes, visit the strombalites and stromatolites, which are some of the oldest living fossils on earth at Lake Thetis off Hansen Bay Road. There is a beautiful 1.3 kilometer walk nearby.

After Cervantes there are more lookout views of the native bush land and the Indian Ocean. There are signs that give information about the indigenous heritage of the region.

The Leseuer National Park is near Jurien Bay where there is more than 900 species of plants. Visitors travel on to Jurien Bay to catch a charter boat ride to see the sea lions. The ocean has a wonderland under water for visitors who dive or snorkel. There are also the caves of Stockyard Gully National Park that can only be explored with a four wheel drive vehicle.

Dongara is the next stop where visitors can see the Greenough Central Historic Settlement. It has 11 pioneer buildings that have been restored and give visitors the experience of what it was like for the early settlers. On the road to Geraldton, travelers will see several trees that have been blown horizontal by the southerly winds.


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