Summer in Amsterdam

A holiday in Amsterdam will never disappoint you. The capital city of the Netherlands is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. However, a vacation to Amsterdam is not just like any other; it will leave you with new meaning to holidays. If you’re ready to commit to this destination, then it’s time to start browsing for cheap flights to Amsterdam.

Below are 5 unique offbeat things to do on a trip to Amsterdam.

The Canals

Discovering every route in the maze of canals; this should be the first thing to once you land to Amsterdam. With over 160 canals memorizing each the paths is a tricky but fun activity, try strolling around the paths to get familiar with them. Also you will get to explore attractive scenes while on the stroll like; Westerkerk, Anne Frank Huis and Museum Quarter.

Historisch Museum

Exploring Amsterdam Historisch Museum; the museum displays a colorful ancient way of people in the city. Housed in four synagogues, the museum homes some of the most treasured history in the city with paintings, arts and ancient objects dating to as early as 17th Century. Don’t miss out on the history of how the city has evolved from a small fishing village through time.

Vondel Park

A picnic to the neighborhood; a picnic to the adjacent Vondel Park should not miss in your list of priorities while on vacation at Amsterdam. The ever green park is a meeting point for residents and tourist during festivals. Get to enjoy music, meals, meet new friends and party while on the picnic to Vondel Park.

Biking around the city

Cycling through the heart of Amsterdam; a bicycle is a symbolic tool in Amsterdam. Hiring one to tour the various joints while in your stay in Amsterdam will always make you feel like a resident. There are various vendors where you can hire a bicycle from, always exercise caution while riding your bicycle.

The Red Light District 

A sneaky peep to the red light district; contrary to your expectation about Amsterdam red light district, a visit to the district will leave you short of words to explain it. While in the oldest part of the city, you will get to window shop for a variety of adult toys. On the streets are a community comprising of sex workers, carpenters, clerics among others; as a tourist you may get a little more “attention” while on the visit.

The 5 unique offbeat things to do on a trip to Amsterdam will always create a lasting memory. It will simply revolutionize Amsterdam to be your best preferred destination besides making you feel relaxed and entertained. In deed Amsterdam is a city full of fun activities.

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