The Azores Are A Treasure Of The North Atlantic

The Azores Are A Treasure Of The North Atlantic

The Azores are a peninsula of nine islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands were formed by volcanoes and are filled with incredible natural beauty like blue lakes, rugged mountains, warm mineral springs and cliffs that seem to fall into the ocean. Green and lush valleys between crystal clear lakes make this a destination unlike any other on earth. Gatwick Airport have scheduled flights to the Azores. To make your journey as smooth as possible, take a look at official parking at Gatwick instead of unofficial competitor parking.

One of the most popular attractions is Furnas, a natural area near Geysers and hot springs. This is an educational destination for those who love learning about volcanoes and volcanic activity. Another top attraction is the Park Terre Nostra, a scenic botanical garden and one of Europe’s top botanical gardens.

Why Should The Azores Be Chosen As A Holiday Destination?

Many historical sites and amazing natural beauty make the Azores a premier holiday destination. While on holiday, visitors enjoy sports like paragliding, water sports like surfing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing and unique opportunities like taking donkey rides, whale watching and swimming with dolphins. The islands are also known for good food and wine, historical museums and several science observatories.

While on an Azores holiday, one site not to be missed is the Gruta das Torres which is one of the longest lava tubes in Europe. It is situated on the west side of the island of Pico, the second largest Azorean island. This trip can be combined with seeing the highest mountain in Portugal and with whale watching excursions and swimming with dolphins.

An Interesting Historical Fact

When Christopher Columbus was on his way back from the United States in 1493, he stopped in Santa Maria which is close to Anjos. Wishing to attend a mass at the church there, he made his way to the Church of Our Lady Of The Ascension. He was soon taken into custody because he was mistaken for a pirate. He was taken as a prisoner when the governor of the island ordered for him to be captured and was released only after he had been able to prove the reason that he was in the islands.

A Large Variety Of Food Dishes Found In The Azores

Due to the interesting geographical history of the Azores and the variety of people who have inhabited the islands over the years, food choices and cuisines are varied. Seafood is a staple and is prepared in creative ways, along with pork dishes like spare ribs and dishes made with sausages. Mixed dishes like yams and sausages are common. Soups and fish stews are commonly served staples along with sweet breads and Malassadas, which are a type of sugar doughnut.

The Main Cities And Languages Of The Azores

The largest and most populated island is San Miguel and it’s where the capital city of Ponta Delgadais is located. Angra do Heroismo is the Azores historical capital and Horta is its legislative capital. The language spoken is Portuguese, although many residents are also fluent in English. A holiday in the Azores offers a unique trip that creates lasting memories.

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