The best Australian cities for foreigners

A recent survey of Australians  found that their favourite place to live, surprisingly, was Adelaide. The survey asked people their views on 17 key attributes to assess how they felt about their city. These included things like recreational facilities, green spaces, entertainment, schools, roads, public transport, environmental sustainability and the overall cost of housing.

Of course, what Australians look for and rate in a city may differ from what someone outside of the country is looking for when moving down under. So, here’s an overview of the top Australian cities for foreigners to work or study in.


Darwin is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. This former backwater has really started to flow, and its proximity to Asia will help it gush before too long. Situated in the far North, its isolation can mean a higher cost of living but the job market is rapidly growing to counter this. The biggest challenge it presents is, perhaps, its climate. The wet season is cool and humid – not the dream Aussie weather you might imagine.


Canberra is ideal for families, with excellent schools and a great community life. The nation’s capital offers a relaxed place to live, short commute times and plenty of fresh air. The city itself has no coastline, but both the bush and beach are within easy reach.


Over on the west coast, Perth boasts the best climate in Australia with mild winters and hot, dry summers. It also offers terrific beaches, cheap housing and a rapidly growing economy. It has absolutely everything you could want, apart from proximity to the rest of Australia. Its nearest substantial neighbour is Adelaide – a three hour flight away.


In Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, you’ll find wonderfully mild winters but summers that be very hot and humid. Thediverse economy boasts much more competitively priced housing than that found in, say, Sydney or Melbourne. Its center looks a little run-down, but the Gold Coast is within commuting distance if you want to really live the dream. You can search online for affordable airfare to Brisbane if you are planning to visit this beautiful city.

Being that this Australian city is one of the most populous, there is so much to do here. The Southbank Parklands Park is a tourist attraction for those seeking to enjoy wildlife and nature with their entire family. This park is where you are able to enjoy dining, cycling, walking paths and great shopping. There are also cruises off the banks of the city which include Mirimar and Kookaburra River Queensland. There the Queen Street Mall for shopping filled with local boutiques high fashion stores and arcades for the entire family to enjoy.



Sydney’s great climate and vibrant economy are counter-balanced by a high cost of living and expensive housing. The city is more suited to care-free singles or young couples than families with children.


Melbourne doesn’t offer the year round Australian sunshine that we might imagine. Its winters are cold and distinctly grey. However, Melbourne is actually much more liveable than cities such as Sydney. It has a great road system, a strong economy and markedly cheaper housing.

The Australian dream

What makes Australia such an attractive place to live? Its natural beauty encompasses beaches, crystal clear seas, ancient rock formations and dense rainforests. It has the lowest population density per square kilometre of any country and its locals enjoy a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. It promises sun, space and sport whilst offering great study opportunities and good salaries.

Whether you’re thinking of living in Australia to work or to study, choose your city carefully. As with all countries, there are great differences between each of its cities. And, in a country so large, this extends to the climate too.

Study English in Australia

Australia is the perfect place to learn English away from the bustle, crowds and unpredictable weather of London where you can join numerous ESL classes.

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