The Best Party Hostels in the United Kingdom

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The Best Party Hostels in the United Kingdom

There are a lot of great hostels in the United Kingdom. Many in London near parking at Gatwick, as well as throughout the country in most major cities. There are some hostels however that are known for being the best for social interaction and a few great pints as well. The Generator for example is one of the coolest hostels in London. It’s located in Russell Square and is known for its unique atmosphere and party vibe. It has a restaurant on site along with the Generator Bar. It hosts events including karaoke nights and the occasional DJ with great music and dancing. It’s not the only great hostel in the United Kingdom though; here are a few other top party hostels in the United Kingdom.

Friends celebrating in a party hostel.

St. Christophers’ Hostels in London are some of the best in the country. There are a total of seven and each is as unique as the next. There’s the Hammersmith that comes complete with its own coffee bar and regular bar as well. And the Oasis is a female-only hostel. The Camden and London Bridge are other hostels that fall under the St. Christophers’ banner, which are well known for their social environment and great facilities. The Village Hostel is another hostel renowned for its fun parties.

The Hatters Hostel is great party hostel in Birmingham with a games room and pool table. It’s not far from Birmingham airport parking and within easy walking distance of all the best pubs in the city. It’s a great spot to have fun while recovering from a day’s walk. There are also great local clubs to visit with your newfound backpacking buddies.

Man pouring drinks in a party hostel.

The Rock & Bowl motel and hostel is one of the most fascinating hostels in Bristol. It’s part hostel, part bowling alley and part vintage shop, all in one. It’s located in the city centre and not far from Bristol airport parking. The Rock & Bowl is close to just about every good club in Bristol, so don’t go for the sleep, go for the fun. It’s a great atmosphere. There are a lot of events and parties that the hostel gets exclusive access to.

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