The Top Traditional Events in the Balearics

Fireworks, San Sebastian Festival, Palma de Mallorca

It’s not all about the clubs and bars in the Balearics – these beautiful islands also have a very traditional side to them too, as you’ll discover when you visit on cheap flights from low-cost airlines like Here’s our pick of the best events to enjoy on the Balearics, where you’re more likely to find a donkey than a DJ!

Getting There

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Sant Sebastian Festival, Palma de Mallorca – January 20th

One of the most vibrant and exciting traditional events in the Balearics is the festival of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of Palma de Mallorca who has almost a whole week of events held in his name! His official day is on January 20th, but the festival may begin a day or two before with fireworks, concerts, exhibitions and plenty of food and drink to keep your energy levels topped up. One of the highlights of the Saint Sebastian festival is ‘Correfoc’, where giant models of devils and demons are paraded through the streets spitting sparks from their mouths at unsuspecting passers-by, so keep your wits about you and prepare to have a blast!

Sant Joan Festival, Menorca – June 23rd

Dating back as far as the 14th century, the Sant Joan festival is steeped in religion and tradition, but to the uninitiated it’s just one big crazy party! The festival is most famous for its celebration of Menorca’s horses, and local horsemen will parade through Ciutadella on horses adorned with colourful tack, rearing and galloping amongst the crowds as the locals clamour to touch the horses’ hearts for good luck. When the horses have been returned to their stables everyone will continue the fun in the streets, though don’t be alarmed if you get hit in the head with a hazelnut, as it is customary for these to be thrown about during the festival.

Sant Carlos Festival, Ibiza – November 4th

The patron saint of Ibiza, Sant Carlos, is honoured in a typically Spanish fashion across the island on November 4th every year. Much of the action is focused in the town that shares his name, and on your visit you’ll have the opportunity to witness a religious procession in the morning followed by haunting choir and orchestra performances, colourful dance displays, an exciting cooking event and a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.

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