Things to do in Montreal in the Spring

The arrival of the spring season is worth celebrating. After the cold winter season that is characterized by dark days, spring time is the announcement of a fresh beginning. The wildlife return back from hibernation, the seeds start blooming and a general new feeling begins to take shape.

The spring season is the ideal time for both the old and the young to loosen up and enjoy some adventure in the true wonder of the season. However, spring is a slightly tricky season in Montreal, Canada with the snow melting away. This is the perfect time to enjoy visiting some of the out of town attractions in Montreal.

If you are in Montreal during the spring season, you can enjoy great feasts, music, dance and traditional clothes. Thousands of butterflies fly freely in the air and you can enjoy visiting the Botanical Gardens Montreal. Here, you will have a look at the flowers and fountains in the greenhouse garden.

At the Riviere Rouge, you can enjoy rafting as the fierce snow melts away paving way for the spring rains. Once the warmth begins setting in, you can sit on a terrace and watch the birds at the Morgan Arboretum as you enjoy a cozy meal. Before the summer crowds begin flocking La Ronde, you should visit this amazing theme park when it is less congested.

At the St. Patricks Parade, you can get accustomed to the rich Irish culture and take part in language lessons or enjoy some entertaining live music at the O’Regan Pub.

Spring skiing before all the snow melts away is also fun. You can do this at the popular Mount Tremblant Resort. Also, creating some summer jewelry is a great idea during the spring season. You can actually take a few lessons on this at the Bidz in Montreal.

With the endless list of activities that you can do in Montreal during the summer season, you should not hesitate to usher in this new season at this wonderful destination. Here are some recommendations for accommodations in Montreal.

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