Top Castles to Visit in Germany

Germany has been described by many as being as European of a country as they come in Europe.  With such a rich history and having its borders surrounded by an astounding nine other countries, it offers up a wealth of cultural opportunities for travellers.  From marvellous outdoor skiing to pulsating urban centres it has something to offer both the city slicker and culture junky; however, few things (if any) top the wealth of magnificent palaces and castles that are beckoning to be explored.  The following, in no particular order, are a list of some of the top castles to visit in Germany:

1)  Lichtenstein Castle

If you’re looking for a German Castle that screams fairytale, Lichtenstein Castle should be at the top of your short-list.  Built on the ruins of a former ruined castle it is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the ridiculously scenic Swabian Alb Mountain range.  Built in the 13th century it has earned its stripes as one of top historical German Castles.

2) Neuschwanstein Castle

Forget being one of the top castles in Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most famous in the world.  Ludwig II had this marvellous structure built for sheer pleasure as opposed to for defence.  With views this stunning it’s hard to fathom this place was merely his ‘summer retreat.’

3)  Residenz Castle

For those with a hankering for Baroque style architecture, Residenz Castle should be a must see attraction.  With a lovely garden, an impressive collection of paintings and Tiepolo fescoes, its decorated in a way that is rivalled by few.

4)  Liebenstein Castle

If having the opportunity to experience a visit overnight or enjoying a scrumptious medieval style feast is a high priority don’t let an opportunity to visit Castle Liebenstein pass you by.  This is definitely an alternative to staying in typical hotels in Germany as you’ll have the chance to experience what it is like to stay overnight in a castle!  Situated along the Rhine River, it has a certain enchanted feel to it that is quite unique.  Apparently, it’s a place where many couples come to propose marriage.

5)  Hohenschwangau Castle

Few castles in Germany receive more visitors than the Hohenschwangau Castle.  Built in the 19th century, it’s by far one of the most modern castles one can consider visiting in Germany.  As is typical with many castles in Germany, it was built on top of an earlier fortress.

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  1. says: Greg Prohl

    Visiting the local castles is always right at the top of my list no matter what region of Europe I’m in. Being a sucker for anything medieval, this is one main reason I love Euripe so much, there is almost no part of the continent in short supply of castles to visit!

  2. says: pizzo

    I’m going there this April, I hope to see a lot of them once I’m there.. Linderhof castel should be amazing too. it’s a pity you didn’t mention it.

  3. says: Bianca

    I’m heading to Germany in July for a driving holiday and Neuschwanstein Castle is going to be our first stop after we pick up our campervan from Munich. I can’t wait to discover some of the less know castles in Germany and France.

  4. says: Rohit

    Vintage and awe-strikingly beautiful. I will be going to Germany soon and Stuttgart is a place on my list. Some sources like got me keen on the place. Can I find good castles there. Google says i will, but some forum came up with contradictory answers. I wonder…..