Travel to Hawaii | What To Do

Hawaii is known worldwide as the premier destination for those looking to relax in a luxurious island sanctuary, free of any unnecessary stresses or worries. It’s possible to spend countless hours on the flawless beaches sprawled out on a beach towel or chaise lounge while the Pacific Ocean tumbles and retreats with a soothing rhythm. Or perhaps you’d prefer to sit on a balcony in one of the many splendid Hawaii hotels and watch a breathtaking island sunset. However, Hawaii is teeming with activities aimed at thrill seekers looking for a rush of adrenaline under the clear tropical skies. If you’re a seasoned adventurer with a knack for extreme sports, or are a first-timer looking to try something new while on vacation, there are plenty of ways to spend your day if you’re looking for a change of pace!

Aquatic Activities To Enjoy

The Pacific Ocean beckons with a myriad of activities waiting to be enjoyed. If you’re hoping to stay beachside, we recommend the following if you’re looking for an exciting tingle.

Surf Lessons: If you’ve ever wanted to feel weightless on the face of a wave, Oahu provides the ideal setting to give it a shot. The island is a surfer’s haven, and with shore breaks that offer gentle, forgiving waves, it’s a terrific place to learn.

Parasailing: Lift off out of the warm tropical water into the air while strapped to a parachute for a truly unique thrill. Parasailing has been a favorite of island-goers for years, and is a wonderful way to cool off from an afternoon on the beach. Feel the Hawaiian breeze while staring out at the crisp ocean blue.

Scuba Diving: There are many ways to meet our friends under the sea, one of which is through a scuba diving expedition. After a quick lesson, you’ll be certified to scuba dive, which stamps your ticket into the aquatic paradise beneath the waves.

Jungle Views From Above

The fun doesn’t end at the beach for thrill seekers. For the truly adventurous hoping to stumble upon something they’ve never tried, heading inland is a good bet.

Hang gliding: The North Shore of Oahu is a favorite of hang gliders, as the jungle landscapes and ocean views make for an unforgettable flight. After you’ve sailed down to the beach below, you’ll emerge from your set of wings with a smile and a fantastic story to tell.

Skydiving: Looking out at the entire island from the air lets you appreciate the lush greens of the forest and the true expanse of unspoiled nature that Oahu is home to. If you’ve ever had the desire, the warm island breeze and clear blue skies make for perfect skydiving! As you and your guide descend with a whoosh through the air, don’t forget to have a look around!

Mountain Biking: Oahu is rich with terrain that is just waiting to be bounded down on a bike. If you’re in the mood to get dirty, work up a sweat, and see the island at the same time, rent a bike, and hit the trails!

With an adventurous itinerary, it’s important to trust where you’re staying to provide an environment where you can relax and unwind. Spending time to look into some great Oahu hotels is the perfect way to start your introduction to the Aloha spirit.

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