Travelling to Vietnam

Vietnamese lady wearing conical hat

Travelling to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most inspired tourist destinations on the planet. You will arrive wide-eyed and leave with a warm heart. The luscious landscape and incredible generosity of the people are only a partial representation of things to expect, while traveling throughout this SE Asian nation.


For those of you who have not really experienced authentic Vietnamese, try the regional specialties of Bac in the North, Nam in the South, and Trung in the central regions. Each region will also feature national cuisine options such as Pho which is a noodle and broth-based soup. Each region may have their own variation of Pho; however, you will find it throughout the country. And, no matter where you are, try the local street food. Asia is the motherland of street food.


If you seek a bit of adventure, consider renting a car or motorbike and take to the mountains. The views and experiences outside of the main infrastructure are unforgettable. You will drive through incredibly diverse terrain from mountain peaks to beach towns and jungle in between. You might also consider a few days in Halong Bay or adventures along the Mekong Delta to explore the caves, kayak the waters, and sleep on the sea. Vietnam is not lacking for adventure.

Public Transportation

Traveling from the North to the South, or vice versa, is a breathtakingly-beautiful journey. Some people fly and miss one of the most amazing parts of a Vietnam holiday. Others hire a private driver or rent a car, and the rest use the incredibly inexpensive and clean public transportation. You might take a train between cities or a bus. Vietnam is an incredibly long country, so travel between the North and South will take you a significant amount of time.

Gorgeous views from Nha Trang, Vietnam

General Tips

While you are searching for flights to Vietnam, you should begin to consider how to prepare for a safe and enjoyable journey. Pack a poncho rather than a raincoat due to the heat and humidity. Dedicate one entire outfit from socks to shirt for any time spent indoors with air conditioning. Anticipate that you will be hassled for money and services. Be as polite as possible even after the 10th and 20th time. Politely say, “no, thank you” with a smile and continue walking. Choose a reliable taxi company, and if no meter is installed, write down the agreed price on a piece of paper prior to your departure. Also, wear shoes which are easily removed, as you will be in and out of temples and pagodas regularly.

Your Vietnam adventure will be a trip you will never forget. Try the street food, seek out adventure, use public transportation, and follow local tips to ensure your journey is as delightful as possible.


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  1. says: Ume Tours

    Vietnam is a food paradise. You can find local food in a stall, a local restaurant or a tourist restaurant. Vietnam food is easy to enjoy. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will be fine with local food here. As for me, I suggest you guys should go off the beaten path to Duong Lam ancient village, motor bike tours to unseen places by tourist, Bai Tu Long Bay, Trang An in Ninh Binh, Ngoc Son and Ngo Luong nature reserve, Phong Nha cave in Quang Binh, Hoi An countryside such as Tra Qua herb village, Kim Bong village, Cu Chi tunnel, Mekong Delta…..

    Hope you will enjoy traveling in Vietnam!