Why you Should Visit Rio de Janeiro this Summer

Brazil is one of the most intriguing countries in the world, offering a combination of unspoiled beaches, lush jungles, and intoxicating samba music; and when it comes to travel in the country, the city of Rio de Janeiro is often in the spotlight. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider visiting Rio de Janeiro this summer:

1. Enjoying the natural beauty

If you are looking for beaches that go on for miles, you will adore Rio’s offerings. Copacabana is among the most popular, serving as a tourist destination all year. The beautiful weather and year-round events make it a great place to celebrate or simply lay out and tan. Ipanema and Leblon are also perfect for sunbathing, swimming and even jogging. In addition, visitors love visiting the largest urban forest in the world, Floresta da Tijuca, where waterfalls, natural springs and dramatic mountains await.

2. Experiencing Rio’s thriving nightlife

From samba music in the streets to cosmopolitan dining, Rio de Janeiro has much to offer. After enjoying a casual concert and dancing up a storm, head over to a barbecue restaurant for an all-you-can-eat buffet. After dinner at a churrascaria, experience the whirlwind, non-stop nightlife of Rio.

3. Discovering the city’s attractions

The World Cup is one of the biggest attracting factors to Brazil this summer, and Rio de Janeiro is among the cities hosting the event. If you’re a soccer fan, then you’ll want to be in this city as it buzzes with World Cup excitement.

Of course, the city has much to offer aside from soccer. From visiting Christ the Redeemer perched on its hill, to spending the afternoon relaxing at Parque Lage, to shopping at the famed hippie market at Ipanema beach, there will be plenty for you to do. 

Rio de Janeiro is a truly beautiful piece of paradise. This is the destination for those looking for unique culture, delicious food and beautiful scenery.

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