Winter Activities in Lapland

Lapland is one of the largest regions in Finland and it borders several countries including Russia, Sweden, and Norway. It is a densely populated region with a rich history. Winter is one of the best times to visit Lapland and there are plenty of fun-filled adventures to take part in – even better, you might even get to spot Santa seeing as he calls Lapland home. Now here are a few ideas for an action packed Finnish holiday:


A trip to Lapland is not complete if you do not go on a snowmobile safari. This is an adventurous experience that will allow you to explore Finland. Lapland’s close proximity to Sweden and Norway makes it easy to go beyond the borders on your safari. It is a fun activity for beginners and experienced drivers. The safari routes take you through the villages and some of the remote parts of the region.

Horse Riding

Lapland has diverse scenery and the best way to explore it is on horseback. One of the 5 things to do on a trip to Lapland in winter is taking in the scenery on horseback. Horse riding is exciting especially in winter and it allows you to get an up close view of the flora and fauna. You can also get riding lessons if you are a beginner.


This is a popular winter activity in snow covered areas like Lapland. You can snowkite on a snowboard or downhill ski and a steerable kite. All you need an open area covered in snow and some wind to enjoy this exciting activity. It is an easy activity that you can learn with a few instructions. Going downhill on a snow covered area can be very exhilarating.

Ice Fishing

Fishing fans can enjoy their favorite sport on a trip to Lapland in winter. This is one of the most popular activities in Finland. It is a relaxing activity that you can participate in with your family and friends. You will lure a variety of fish during this activity.

Ice Swimming

Swimming is not limited to the summer when you are in Lapland, Finland. Ice swimming is a favorite activity in the region and it is one of the top 5 things to do on a trip to Lapland in winter. Special dry suits are available to allow you to enjoy this activity in the cold temperatures. This activity is done outdoors in unheated pools or locations with open water.


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