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Although I will consider all posts, the following topics and/or destinations are ‘highly’ preferred:

Don’t feel intimidated to request guest posting on an established travel blog if you’re just starting out.  We all start off pressing the publish button for the first time and I’d like to feature emerging bloggers just as much as I would posts from top travel blogs.

  1. Photo Essays (Stunning high resolution photos that capture the spirit of a region, event, city, country, people)
  2. Daily Travel Photo (High resolution image (1050p) that will be featured as the image of the day on my blog)  *Not currently accepting*
  3. Quirky Travel Tale (A tale of misfortune that is either quirky/hilarious/outrageous or all of the above)
  4. Travel Photography Tips (Information, advice, recommendations related to travel photography)
  5. ESL Tips (A post related to teaching English overseas)
  6. Motivation (A post that is inspiring and will encourage others to travel)
  7. Specifically any post related to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia or Central America – regions/territories I’ve yet to cover myself

RULES: Please take consideration of the following:

  1. Showcase your best materials (writing, photos, videos) NOT the leftover crumbs under the table you wouldn’t even consider posting on your own site 😛
  2. Duplicate posts will NOT be featured (only original content) & if you want to tackle it later on your own blog, please do it taking a different slant
  3. Don’t be offended if I reject your post. I do reserve the right to do that & it doesn’t mean I think your materials aren’t worthy – it’s just they may not be the right fit for my blog.
  4. For consideration send me an outline of what your post is going to be about. 

Procedure:  Completing Guest Posts

1)  I will send you a guest ID and password

2)  Once you have completed your guest post please let me know and I will look it over before publishing

3)  Please only upload photos at 680 p (for regular posts) or 1050 p (for photo essays)


Promoting Your Guest Post

  1. Let’s promote the post together by sharing it through our various channels and responding to reader comments.
  2. Social media (twitter, facebook, stumble upon, etc) is a great way to promote your efforts and to attract new viewers. 

Sources: I will only consider guest posts from ‘independent’ travel bloggers, backpackers or tourists.

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  1. says: Anne Marie


    My name is Anne Marie and I am offering Executive Accommodation and Corporate Event Services during key international conferences and trade events around Europe and beyond. I have written many articles that help people to know about the Unique venues and accommodations for the executives and visitors during any International event.

    I also want to guest post blog on your website to make people comfortable to find easily unique ideas and tips about the Accommodation services in Barcelona and Cannes during the international events.

  2. says: Ed Henry

    Hi Sam. I just discovered your site and youtube videos and don’t know if you are still looking for guest posts. I am a writer, hiker, runner and natural historian. I really haven’t done much at all on the internet in terms of blogging and I would like to do more. I love to travel and would like to share some of my adventures and photos online. I think a blog like yours would be a great format and fit with what you do and how you do it. My idea for a guest post would be to write about some of my runs in cities around the world and what it is like to just head out and take a run in a foreign city with an iphone camera, a sense of adventure, adrenaline, excitement and a little bit of uncertainty as well. I think this would be a good guest blog because many people can relate to jogging and running and exploring foreign cities, and would be able to share their experiences or interest as well. Examples of some of the cities I’ve run in include Barcelona, Lisbon, Funchal, Naples, Palma de Mallorca, Cannes, and Brussels. Thank you for the consideration.

  3. says: Anne Chumo

    My name is Anne Chumo from Mombasa Kenya and i would like to write about the service we offer for tourist coming to Kenya.Looking forward to hearaing from you.

  4. Sam, I hope you get this. I have teamed up with another YouTuber who does travel vlogging and we have started a live YouTube show together. My handle is Wanderlust Estate and his is Chris Travels. I am trying to contact you because I have followed your blogging for sometime and how you developed yourself an income to help you travel full time. I have always been impressed with it and was wanting to see if you would participate on the live show. I want to do an episode on how to fund a lifestyle of full time travel. My following is pretty small still at just under 3k subscribers, but Chris’s following on YouTube is about 15k subscribers. We get about 2k viewers per episode. Can you please contact me about being on our live show. I would really like to have you on?

  5. Hey Samuel,
    I really do love your blog! I was wondering if you are still accepting guest posts. I’d love to write a Quirky Travel Tale about driving through India. I have had some bizarre, some fun (and funny) and some downright annoying experiences and I’d love to put them down. Barring an experience my mum had in Libya (apparently you’re expected to load your own luggage onto the airplane AFTER its been checked in), I don’t think there’s a country for weirder travel stories than India. You’ve been on the trains and in rickshaws after all.

  6. says: Davide wannabe travel photographer

    I have plenty of nice travel photos that I would like to publish in the Daily travel photo section when it will be possible again!

  7. Hello again,

    I have one article ready already that I’d like to propose, this is about places to stay in Bangkok for less than 1000 bht, really cool info for both, travelers on a budget and people stopping over as some of the places are near the airport.
    Otherwise I can provide a plethora of tips and how to, deeply researched articles, please let me know.

  8. says: Ryan Absin

    Hi Normadic Samuel,

    I really love to post photos and write about my travel but the problem is I dont know how to create travel blog? I want a travel blog on my own or a personalized travel blog where I can put and place everything about myself.

    Can you recommend me any website as to how will I start my blog? I have many great photos in Asia to show.

    I hope youcan help me on this.

    Thank you very much.

    Ryan Absin

  9. says: Anna Cleanthous


    Are you currently accepting guest posts on website ?

    My name is Anna Cleanthous and I am a freelance writer to help them reach new audiences online by developing content partnerships with good quality blogs and websites like yours.

    I would like to stress that the article itself will not be self-promotional – I strive to ensure each piece I write is unique, written exclusively for your website and offers value to your audience.

    If you are happy for me to do so, then I will include a reference to my client in the byline so that your readers can find out more if they wish.

    Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

    I look forwards to hearing from you.

    All the best,
    Anna Cleanthous

  10. says: rick

    I just happened to be looking up Lake Titicaca in Wikipedia and I saw some of your photos and then went to flickr looking for more. They are great! It’s hard to stop looking at them