If I wasn’t backpacking, what would I like to do?

I’ve often pondered what I might be doing with my life if I wasn’t a backpacker.  I so fiercely identify myself with my image as the adventurous independent backpacker roaming the earth on a indefinite journey.  However, I’ve thought recently what my lifestyle would be like if I became semi-nomadic or (gawd forbid) settled down somewhere.  As I’m now on the wrong side of 30, it’s a reality that I could be facing in the next decade.  Travel is my number one passion but there are other things I’d like to do in life that may require me to retire the backpack at some point in time.  More importantly, the way in which I travel may change over time.  Methods of travel I’ve chiefly ignored because I’ve been a backpacker may become more viable in the future.  Two options that come to mind immediately are taking a cruise and joining a package tour for the first time.

Taking a Cruise

I have to admit that I’ve always been fascinated by cruise ships.  The thought of experiencing travel out on the sea is something that seems very exotic.  I could imagine myself starring out at the sea and feeling a sense of adrenaline rushing through my veins as we approached pristine beaches.  I think the social aspect of interacting with others from diverse backgrounds and parts of the world would be very appealing.  I’ve always enjoyed the social aspect of travel more than just about anything else.  Furthermore, I’d love the opportunity to just relax on board with an opportunity to catch rays and drink exotic fruit infused adult beverages.  I associate cruises with absolute luxury and I would consider using The Luxury Cruise Company to book my ultimate post-backpacking excursion.

Going on an Organized Tour

I’ve avoided taking an organized tour for two chief reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been on a backpackers budget and tours have always been well above my budget threshold.  Secondly, I’ve never faced time scarcity while on the road.  All of my backpacking adventures have been between 6-12 months in duration.  Thus, I’ve always been able to go slowly without any time constraints.  When (or if) I settle down I won’t have lengthy vacations.  I may just have one or two weeks.  Given that scenario, it would make more sense for me to be on a tour in order to maximize my experience without having to worry about all the logistics and planning involved with solo travel.

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