My Travel Blog Sucks!

Nomadic Samuel's travel blog sucks

There is simply no way to put this mildly or sugarcoat this in any way, shape or form:

My Blog Sucks!

It has sucked for a while and I’m desperately hoping to revive it like a phoenix from the ashes :p In recent months, I’ve done everything that I would NOT recommend one do in order to create a successful travel blog. Lately, I’ve been treating poor old Nomadic Sammy like a neglected friend that needs one heck of a big bear hug. It’s been ages since I wrote a proper lengthy post, quirky travel story, photo essay or update regarding my state of affairs.

I’ve been really thankful for some excellent guest post contributions covering Teaching English in China, living overseas as a location independent digital nomad and visiting underrated destinations in Europe. Although I recently posted about my controversial and traumatic experiences in the army, that post was written several years ago and revamped for the first time on this blog; in my mind it’s not fresh off the press.  Aside from stuffing my beak and getting out of shape, I have no excuses.

[vsw id=”QytrXhsG9uM” source=”youtube” width=”800″ height=”645″ autoplay=”no”]

What’s the deal then? What have I been up to?

In late December I finished teaching English in Korea for what is most likely (I never say never) my final contract in the former Hermit Kingdom. For those who have been reading along for a while, I’ve spent more time in Korea in my adult years than I have back home in Canada. Thus, closing this chapter in my life is quite a significant step for me.

I’m over the moon that I’ll finally be taking off the training wheels and trying to make it as a digital nomad on the road. My attention has been on trying to create some more passive income streams that will allow me to fulfill my dream of being my own boss. These ‘extra’ projects have swamped my daily schedule of late, but I’m thrilled that the ‘grunt work’ appears to be over and that I’ll have the time to post more frequently again.

Anyhow, getting back on track, after completing my contract in Korea, I went home to visit my family in Canada for several weeks. Contending with good ‘ole Canadian Jack Frost wasn’t easy (it got down to -35 for several days!) but I embraced it as best I could, doing old-time fun and familiar activities, such as taking in hockey games, skating, snowshoeing and playing shiny.

[vsw id=”eah6mcgCKHg” source=”youtube” width=”800″ height=”645″ autoplay=”no”]

It’s a minor miracle I was able to stay at home for 6 weeks and not pack on the pounds. My Mom is an excellent cook and between all of the family dinners, Christmas baking and festive meals with friends, I sure had to keep my ass in gear (quite literally) in order not to start looking like a rotund little elf. Although it was hard to push myself away from the table at times, I’m pleased to announce my 100 day weight loss challenge has overall been highly successful. I’ve shed 20 pounds, eliminated some bad lifestyle habits (while adopting positive new ones) and felt a surge in energy and creativity given the positive changes I’ve made. I’m going to write a more comprehensive and detailed post on this weight loss subject sometime soon.

Several days ago, I arrived back in South Korea to meet up with my girlfriend Audrey of That Backpacker. She’s mere days away from finishing her one year teaching contract in Korea. In essence, that means we’ll be trading in our rulers, collared shirts and pens for backpacks, bandanas, dodgy t-shirts and shorts. From teachers to backpackers. I reckon it’s like we’re transforming from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Although we’ve appreciated our time in Korea we’re ready to walk on the wild side. We’re thrilled that this year of delayed gratification (working tirelessly as teachers and online) is going to allow us to travel indefinitely.

Where are we going first?

Malaysian Flag

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and announce right here and now that we’re heading to Malaysia first! I’m really excited to be heading back to one of my favorite countries in SE Asia. I wrote several months ago that I thought Malaysia was the most underrated country to travel to in South East Asia. With such diverse landscapes, food, culture and people I know Audrey is going to love being there for the first time.

With backpacking shenanigans awaiting us in just mere days, my promise is that I won’t neglect this humble little travel blog again. There will be smorgasbord of stories, photos and videos seeping onto the front pages soon enough and I hope you’ll stick around to share in the adventures.

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  1. says: Stacey

    Hi there!

    I came across your blog tonight with a search of the keys to a successful travel blog and received an unexpected treat in this post. The title of your video only shows “…Freder…” and I thought is it? Could it be? It sure LOOKS like my hometown of Fredericton…and it was! In all the hundreds of travel blog posts I’ve read over the past few years this is the first one I’ve seen about Fredericton. And then hockey too to boot! It’s been years since I’ve been back home in the winter so you certainly put a smile on this fellow Canuck’s face tonight. Thanks so much for that! 🙂

    Happy Travels!

  2. says: David Meier

    While many a travel blogger have at one time or another neglected the blogging persona, I believe it is always possible to “raise the dead” in the blogging world. Just takes patience, diligence, and good habits. Good Luck.

  3. says: Jesse

    Hello, I ran across your website when looking for things to do in Korea. I’ve been living in Pyeongtaek since September 2012, and have had a great time since. My family will be arriving soon, but I’ve been getting to know the land before they get here….this way I’ll be the tour guide. Anyway, I found your, and your girlfriend’s, blog and have found it to be informative and exciting. I too have been wanting to start one up to show friends and family my photos, since sending attachments through a mass email is not the best way to explain each photo, nor exciting. Can you give some guidance on what website you started you blog site on and what softwares you’ve used to compress and up load videos. My video file sizes are too large. Lastly, what software do you use to edit the site? Thanks for the help and again, it’s nice reading your blog, keep up the good work.

  4. says: darb

    The problem with this blog is that the name is a little bit detached from the content. This is more of a tourist blog than that of a nomad. The majority of nomadic world travelers are on a budget and rough it a little. You stay in hotels, your backpack is just very mobile luggage, and you pack no tent or survival gear. touristsamuel sounds nice.

    1. says: Samuel

      Thanks Mark! I’m in good ‘ole Malacca, Malaysia. I remember watching your video on the Portuguese settlement and the hostel you stayed at in KL 🙂 Where are you hanging your hat?

  5. says: Louise

    Seems the act of saying your blog suck has got a huge amount of comments so even if does suck you are popular :P. I am new here – found it when googling sarcastic travel blogs and as a result your ‘travel blogs with an edge’ which was exactly what I was looking for. Have fun in Malaysia, dont forget to point with your thumb.

  6. says: Abby

    As you know, I work my tail off, and neglect my poor little blog… There’s only so much you can do! But when I left my job in 2008, my first trip was a month in Malaysia. Great minds. 🙂 HAVE FUN!!! And congrats!!

    1. says: Samuel

      That’s so cool to know Abby! Great minds do think alike 🙂 Let’s hope we’ll both have more time for our blogs in the near future 🙂

  7. says: Shane Todd

    Malaysia is one of my favorite countries too!! Definitely order a Curry Mee soup (which the Singaporeans call Laksa, which is something different in Malaysia). Where’s your favorite spot in Malaysia???

      1. says: Shane Todd

        Jealous!!! I love Langkawi, so chilled out there but for a real culture shock get on over to Brunei (OK it’s independent of Malaysia) but it’s amazing how well off they are there!!!

  8. Your blog doesn’t suck. Just look at how many comments you’ve got already! ha ha..

    Congrats on finishing your term in Korea. You’ve been there for a while. Good luck and Bon Voyage on the trip! Looking forward to following your adventure!

    1. says: Samuel

      Thanks Christine! I certainly have put in my years in Korea and I’m thrilled to be hitting the road again. Best of luck to you with your travels and blog.

  9. Hahaha Stop being so self deprecating! You’re an idol for some of us! And boy do we know how impossible it can get to update on the road. We’ve still got stuff from 3 November weeks in Thailand that we haven’t gotten around to writing yet. All the best for your new adventure!

  10. says: Greg Prohl

    Sucks???? Nah, you’ve merely been a tad neglectful, and given the circumstances entirely understandable. But good to see the update and know you will soon be back to posting with your usual snarky regularity.

  11. says: Cole @

    Good to see you guys hitting the road. Hopefully we will see you in SE Asia in a couple of months when we make our way there from Europe!

  12. says: Fienuts

    You’re coming to Malaysia?! Yipppeee…

    Make sure to try as many local food as you can because it’s one of the top must do in Malaysia. If you need any recommendations, feel free to buzz us 🙂

  13. says: Turtle

    That’s awesome that you’ll be back on the road! I can’t wait to read about all the adventures. And if you can find something interesting in Malaysia, I’ll be impressed. It’s not my favourite country – so there’s your challenge… inspire us! 🙂

  14. says: Alouise

    I think your travel blog is pretty awesome, but I totally understand the guilt you feel when you can’t update your blog as much as you like because you’re so busy. Sounds like this next chapter in your travels is going to be pretty great. Can’t wait to read more.

  15. says: mee

    I lived in Malaysia before, the first time I left my birth country in high school, and have traveled the country up and down. Love it or hate it, it always has a special place in my heart. Enjoy! (and drop by Indonesia if you get a chance 🙂

  16. says: Shalu Sharma

    Hey your travel blog does not suck at all. I think its really cool and the you have done everything with this blog. Its really great. Hope you enjoy your travels and I hope to see some great photos on your blog.

  17. Congratulations on starting a new chapter in life! How exciting for you (and Audrey). I feel kind of the same way myself… it’s hard to feel inspired to write great travel stories when you’re stuck in the daily grind. We’re (hopefully) making the move to full time nomads a little later in this year so I’ll be following along to see how your transition goes!

  18. says: Paul

    It all sounds very exciting Sam. I agree with you about Malaysia too – you’re both going to have an amazing time. I look forward to hearing about your latest adventures whenever you are able to post them – life does have a habit of getting in the way at times 🙂

  19. Go to Penang, eat the best food in the world, then head to the northwest corner of the island (Penang National Park), then hike or take a boat ride to Monkey Beach … virtually deserted and so soo nice for a day of lounging on the sands, or swimming in bathtub warm water!

    Enjoy the start of your adventures guys!

  20. says: Angela

    It’s difficult to update your blog often when you are on the road, for as much as I try when I travel I also have to get on with my freelance writing, so sometimes I stay even a week without updating it. And it’s always painful postponing a blog post 🙂

  21. It was so hard to leave Korea after going to grad school there then teaching. I couldn’t settle down. I tried, but ended up buying a round the world ticket, then another. Now I’m a travel writer. Go figure. And I’m just (finally) finishing a novel set in Korea. Good luck with the new stage of your adventure and enjoy the new paths.

  22. I hope to bump into both of you while in Kuala Lumpur in December, granted you are still there. I am moving around too for the year and by the way, your blog is an inspiration to me who still struggles to have a decent one though and your blog just made me getting inspired more.

    Keep it up Sam and be waiting for the posts while on the road 🙂