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It’s hard to fathom my site is close to celebrating its first birthday. In a sense it feels as though I’ve been blogging for an eternity but at the same time it’s as though I just started. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster ride of a year filled with drop dead lows and epic highs. I’ve been grateful for the immense support I’ve received from my loyal fan base and fellow travel bloggers along with family and friends. Ever since I’ve been tracking the best travel blogs I’ve noticed certain sites emerging as future stalwarts in the industry. I’d like to highlight four in particular. Some of these travel sites have already cracked the Top 100 Travel Blogs list whereas others are just on the cusp. The following is a list of two travel sites that I feel are trending upwards and are going to be massively successful in the course of time. Remember folks, you heard it here first 😛 In no particular order:

Check out Laurence Norah's Finding The Universe

Finding The Universe

There are a lot of seriously talented travel photographers. I’m constantly blown away by some of the photos I see on other travel sites and I’ve noticed certain bloggers in particular who have really advanced their photography skills in recent months; however, when it comes to Laurence Norah, he’s in a league of his own. If there are a handful of travel sites with elite level photography he’s in the upper echelon of that tier.  One of the most popular posts on my site recently was his amazing Australia Photo Essay.  His site is hardly a one trick pony offering up travel advice, blogging tips and riveting narrative. His blog is on the verge of cracking the Top 100 Travel Sites and I fully expect to not only see him on there soon but to enjoy watching him climb the ranks. Discover Laurence’s Finding the Universe and if you don’t feel addicted after a short while I’ll have to check your pulse for you.

Audrey Bergner is the gal behind That Backpacker

That Backpacker

Maybe the worst kept secret on the internet is that I’m no longer Mr. Solo Backpacker extraordinaire. For a guy who relishes the opportunity to travel alone it takes a special lady to keep me distracted. Audrey’s not only my girlfriend but also one heck of a talented travel blogger. Her stories are typically quirky delicious and she has a knack for finding off-the-beaten track destinations.  Based in South Korea currently she’s recently dished out what is like to be living and working in Korea as an ESL teacher.  Her site is rapidly gaining popularity and I’m excited to be hitting the road with her on an extended around the world adventure early next year. We’re in the process of creating several new sites together but for the time being check out her flagship That Backpacker.


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  1. Good to see somebody giving back to the travel community, and keeping it healthy by sharing travel bloggers entering the market. Love the diversity your choices, showing how travel is a viable option for all. No matter what your motivation. If it wasn’t for travel blogs, I’d still be stuck behind a desk and not enjoying an around the trip. Thanks Samuel.

  2. says: lola

    great list. fingers crossed i make it on some kind of ‘blogs to watch’ list some day. in the meantime, true confessions…I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH WILL PEACH!

  3. says: Cole @ Four Jandals

    Love them all. Apart from Will Peach of course. He is just a tosser. But only because he choose you over me 😉

  4. I just recently discovered Will Peach for the first time after reading his hilarious post mocking TBEX.

    Congrats on your change of facebook status with Audrey. She is beautiful.

  5. I have seen them on twitter and followed a few of them already. Impressive! Like you said in this post Sam, I am also captivated by the photo essay of Laurence.

    Congrats to the new four who will be my inspiration as a travel blogger too.

    Cheers from the Philippines 🙂

  6. Oh, I love hearing about travel bloggers dating other travel bloggers — yay for you and Audrey! Except it’s really unfair to combine that sort of blogging talent, don’t you think? You two are not allowed to help each other with your sites 🙂

    1. says: LozinTransit (set piece)

      Just read your interview. Props Ashlea. I too look forward to having more edgy blogs emerge on people’s radars. Will Peach can’t be the only irreverent rockstar trashing hotel rooms.

  7. says: Juliann

    Nice of you to promote these great blogs. I’m enjoying them as well as yours. And I agree – – Laurence Norah’s photography is incredible! Wish I had even half his talent.

  8. Thanks so much for including us on this list, Samuel. Not only am I a big fan of both Laurence and Will’s sites, but I was just chatting with Mary about how they (and you) are people I could actually see myself having a BLAST hanging out with. I was unaware of your lovely lady until very recently, so I’ll have to go check her site out now. If only we could set Will up with a wonderful woman (or fella, or sheep if that’s his thing), we could have a great 8-person press trip ready and assembled for rocking some DMO’s world! Just the thought of the trouble we’d get into makes me grin…

    1. Oh man, I’d love to meet up with all of you. The 8 person press trip would be a blast and then some.

      Let’s work on hooking up Will. I think he’ll find a nice sheep one of these days 😛

  9. says: Laurence

    Oo, thanks for your excessively kind words Samuel, and including me in such a fine and exclusive list! I noticed I appeared on the top 100 radar this update.. I’m going to crack it next time round!