Top 100 Travel Blogs Requirements


1) This is a list exclusively for travel blogs. The blog must be a single author or a couple site. Multiple author sites will not be considered. The purpose of this list is to showcase travel blogs and the voices/personalities behind them.***

2) The most important consideration for having your blog tracked and considered for the top 100 list is to meet the minimum requirements being measured. There are four categories that are being used as metrics right now. Three of them are from SEOmoz and can tracked by installing the SEOmoz toolbar.  The SEOmoz factors are as follows:

1)  Domain Authority

2)  Page Authority

3)  MozRank

These measurements focus on the internal strength of sites and are predictive measures of search engine traffic.

The final statistic being measured is Alexa.  Your Alexa score can be found by going to the Alexa Homepage and entering your travel blog url.  Alexa measures current blog traffic.

To find out more information about the scoring system of this list click here.

Now for the important information.  For your blog to be considered for tracking it must meet the following requirements across the board.  Not three out of four, two out of four or one out of four.  It must meet all four.  I’m currently tracking A LOT of blogs and to keep things manageable one has to be close to being on the top 100 list before I enter it into the system.  However, I will ALWAYS include any travel blog that meets the requirements and has rankings strong enough to break into the final top 100 list.  Please only send me an email regarding tracking if your travel blog meets the following 4 criteria:

Domain Authority:  A score of at least 38 or higher.

MozRank:  A score of 4.50 or higher.

Page Authority:  A score of 48 or higher.

Alexa:  A score of less than 200,000


    *** I have included Travel Dudes, which some might claim as a multiple author site on the list.  I’ve done this because the dude behind the site is Melvin Boecher and he’s very much the face of the site.  Moreover, the authors on his site are generally travel bloggers & he goes to great lengths to promote not only their work on his site but also what they do on their own site.

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