MozRank Top 100 Travel Blogs

The top 100 travel blogs as ranked by MozRank.


MozRank represents a link popularity score. Sites accumulate MozRank by the number & quality of other sites that link to them.  Unlike Page & Domain Authority, MozRank is measured from a scale of 0 to 10.  A site’s mozRank can be improved by receiving many links from semi-popular sites or just a few links from extremely popular sites.  To delve further into MozRank click here.  The following is a comprehensive list of the top 100 travel sites according to MozRank only:


#MOZrank Top 100ScorePoints
1Man on the Lam6.83142
2The Travel Tart6.12141
4Travel Dudes5.71139
5Travel Experta5.65138
6Stop Having a Boring Life5.64137
7Around the World L5.61135.5
9Delicious Baby5.55133.5
11Uncornered Market5.53132
12Fevered Mutterings5.52131
13Traveling Savage5.51130
14The Planet D5.48129
15Fluent in 3 months5.47128
16Camels & Chocolate5.45127
17The Amateur Traveler5.44126
18Nomadic Notes5.37125
19Legal Nomads5.36124
20Fox Nomad5.35122.5
21Inside The Travel Lab5.35122.5
22Solo Traveler5.33121
23Chris Around The World5.30119.5
24Y Travel Blog5.30119.5
25My Beautiful Adventures5.28118
26The Indie Travel Podcast5.27117
27As We Travel5.25116
28Our Oyster5.23115
30The Vacation Gals5.19113.5
31Pause the Moment5.17111
32Travel O Cafe5.17111
33Wandering Trader5.17111
34Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel5.16108
35The Longest Way Home5.16108
36Wild Junket5.16108
37Bacon is Magic5.14105
38Travels of Adam5.14105
39Velvet Escape5.14105
40Get In The Hot Spot5.13103
412 Backpackers5.11100.5
42Almost Fearless5.11100.5
43Beers and Beans5.11100.5
44Sophie’s World5.11100.5
45Muza Chan5.0998
46Europe Up Close5.0797
47Go Backpacking5.0696
48My Itchy Travel Feet5.0595
49Canvas of Light5.0493.5
50The Aussie Nomad5.0493.5
51Over Yonderlust5.0392
52Art of Backpacking5.0290.5
54Adventurous Kate5.0188.5
55Mai Travel Site5.0188.5
57501 Places4.9884.5
58Explore for a Year4.9884.5
59Family On Bikes4.9884.5
60Wandering Earl4.9884.5
61Runaway Jane4.9782
62My Several Worlds4.9680.5
63Travels with a Nine Year Old4.9680.5
64A Little Adrift4.9479
65Heather on Her Travels4.9378
67Otts World4.9276
68Twenty Something Travel4.9276
69CC Food Travel4.9174
70Nomadic Samuel4.8972.5
71Positive World Travel4.8972.5
72Brooke Vs The World4.8771
73D Travels `Round4.8669
74Go See Write4.8669
75The Professional Hobo4.8669
76The Travel Chica4.8567
77Wild About Travel4.8466
78Travel with a Mate4.8365
79Dangerous Business4.8163.5
80Spunky Girl Monologues4.8163.5
81Kaleidoscopic Wandering4.7961.5
82Tourist 2 Townie4.7961.5
83Chicky Bus4.7860
84One Step 4Ward4.7759
85What’s Dave Doing?4.7658
86Career Break Secrets4.7556
87Nomadic Chick4.7556
89Nerdy Nomad4.7453.5
91Hecktic Travels4.7352
92Johnny Vagabond4.7251
93Budget Travel Adventures4.7149.5
94Runaway Juno4.7149.5
95No Place To Be4.7048
961000 Fights4.6947
97Soul Travelers 34.6845.5
98Traveling Canucks4.6845.5
99Strux Travel4.6744
100Breakaway Backpacker4.6641.5

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