Top 100 Travel Blog Requirements

For you blog to start being tracked for consideration as a Top 100 Travel Site you need the following minimum scores in 4 out of the 6 categories: (please NOT 1 of 6, 2 of 6 or 3 of 6) ONLY 4 of 6 or better.

Domain Authority:  A score of at least 42 or higher. (please inform me of your score by email)

Page Authority:  A score of 50 or higher. (please inform me of your score by email)

Alexa:  A score of less than 250,000 (please inform me of your score by email)

SEMRush:  A score of less than 1,600,000 (please inform me of your score by email)

Compete:  A score of less than 1,300,000 (please inform me of your score by email)

SimilarWeb:   A score of less than 1,200,000 (please inform me of your score by email)

*please note: obtaining 4 out of 6 minimum scores qualifies your blog to be tracked but it will take something better than these results to break into the top 100*

*your Alexa score can be found by going to the Alexa Homepage and entering your travel blog url.

*your SEMRush score can be found by visiting the SEMRush Homepage and entering your travel blog url.

*your Domain Authority & Page Authority can be found by visiting MOZ Open Site Explorer and entering your travel blog url.

*your Compete score can be found by visiting Compete Homepage and entering your travel blog url.

*your SimilarWeb score can be found by visiting SimilarWeb homepage and entering your travel blog url.

Finally this list is for independent travel blogs that are single author or couples blogs ONLY.  The purpose of this list is to track travel blogs and the personalities behind them.***

Please send me an email if you meet the above criteria with your Domain Authority, Page Authority, SEMRush and Alexa scores:


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    1. says: Wrabbit007

      Darn! Close, but no cigar! Domain: 94 (yay!) Authority: 44 (grr) Alexa: 3,601,841 (that one hurts) SEMrush: 196,986 (not the worst..) Not sure how to pump up those numbers, but I’ll keep trying! Thanks for all the links – nice to see where my blog stands.

    2. I’m an experienced travel writer but new to the world of blogging, so still have a while to go before I meet your criteria. I’ve enjoyed taking a look at your site and have found it very helpful and interesting. I’ll be back, as that famous Austrian once said.

    3. Interesting, I’ve been up and down on Compete while my main traffic comes from all over Southeast Asia as I am area-specific. I do about 250-300k pvs a month but seems I need to improve the compete rankings..ugh. Will try I guess.

    4. says: Adam Sommer

      Great list! I just started my travel blog in April, so I have a long ways to go in meeting your minimum criteria. At least now I know what steps I need to take 🙂