Top 100 Travel Blogs Scoring System

The top 100 travel blogs scoring system is based on a points system where blogs are ranked in six different categories from top to bottom :  180 to 1.  The top score in any category is rewarded with 180 points all the way down to the bottom of the list which is 1 point.  Since I’m now tracking more than 180 sites the list goes from 1 to whatever the total number of blogs currently is at.  In categories where certain blogs have the same score the points are shared.  For example if Blog A, B, C have a score of 45 in domain authority and were situated in a position for scores of 50, 49 and 48 respectively they will all get 49 (50+49+48 divided by 3).

The Following 6 Categories are Measured: (Click on each to view the top 100 travel blogs as ranked by that given category)


Domain Authority


Page Authority 










Measures For Inclusion/Exclusion

I’m including the top 100 travel blogs + 75 more on the final list each update, but I’m tracking many more than just 100.

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