Top 100 Travel Blogs | SEOmoz + Alexa Rankings | Volume V | August, 2012

Welcome to Volume V of the Top 100 Travel blogs!

I can’t believe this is the already the fifth update of this list!  I had originally been planning to update it roughly every 8-12 weeks but lately I’ve been doing it once a month.  Thanks again to everyone who has taken interest in the list and helped to support it with social media.

On this particular update SEOmoz was kind to all of us.  I don’t think many sites slipped in the rankings (like what happened on the last update) as there was much less volatility.  Some sites are consistently making Domain and Page Authority gains every update and the hard work they’ve been putting into there sites from a quality content and link building perspective is very impressive!

Every update strong travel blogs are being added to the tracking list.  For those sites that have fallen out of the top 100 or even the top 130 don’t get discouraged.  The competition on this list gets fiercer each month and there are so many strong travel blogs with passionate individuals behind them.

Traveling Ted wrote a hilarious post the other day about life after dropping out of The Top 100 travel blogs list – ecstasy for initially being included & ultimate fall from grace.  Well, I’m thrilled to announce Traveling Ted  is back on the list!

On this update I’ve tracked 157 sites meaning every category is now ranked out of a possible 157 points all the way down to 1.

**(All data gathered for the latest update on August 02, 2012)**

Top Performers Shout Outs!

Some top performers on this update include Travel Yourself, My Spanish Adventure and Matt Gibson!

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#Top 100 Travel BlogsScore
1Stuck In Customs463
2The Planet D453
3Fluent in 3 months448
4Uncornered Market446
5Travel Dudes439
6Almost Fearless433
7Fox Nomad429.5
8Go Backpacking429.5
10Y Travel Blog413
11Bacon is Magic410.5
12Nomadic Samuel410.5
13Wandering Trader410.5
14Wild Junket408.5
15Legal Nomads403.5
16The Vacation Gals400.5
17The Amateur Traveler395
18Adventurous Kate392.5
19Art of Backpacking385
20Twenty Something Travel384.5
23Chris Around The World378.5
24Otts World377.5
25Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel375.5
27The Indie Travel Podcast359.5
28My Itchy Travel Feet357
29Delicious Baby355
30Travels of Adam353.5
312 Backpackers352.5
32Velvet Escape352
33Go See Write348.5
34Wandering Earl347.5
35Family On Bikes340.5
36As We Travel339
37Beers and Beans339
38Dave’s Travel Corner339
39Solo Traveler338.5
40Life Cruiser338
41Johnny Vagabond327
42Brendan’s Adventures322
44Traveling Canucks320
45Green Global Travel318
46My Beautiful Adventures317.5
47Travel O Cafe316
48Nerd’s Eye View311
49Camels & Chocolate310.5
50A Dangerous Business306
51Smiling Faces Travel Photos303.5
52The Professional Hobo303.5
53A Little Adrift301.5
54Get In The Hot Spot298.5
55Inside The Travel Lab298.5
56Soul Travelers 3291.5
57Man on the Lam290
58Sharing Travel Experiences285
59Hecktic Travels284
61Nerdy Nomad277.5
62Ordinary Traveler276.5
63Europe Up Close274.5
64Over Yonderlust272.5
65Travel Experta270.5
66Heather on Her Travels264.5
67The Travel Tart252.5
68Muza Chan249.5
69Never Ending Voyage249
70The Road Forks248.5
71Around the World L244
72The Aussie Nomad244
73The Expert Vagabond243.5
74Nomadic Chick243
75Budget Travel Adventures242
76Travels with a Nine Year Old237
77Bohemian Trails232
78CC Food Travel230
79Inspiring Travellers230
80The Longest Way Home229.5
81Turkish Travel Blog229
82Sophie’s World224
83501 Places222.5
84Flip Nomad218.5
85Mai Travel Site218
86The Travel Chica213
87Suzy Guese209
88Maiden Voyage206.5
89Trans-Americas Journey204
90Fevered Mutterings198.5
91The Jungle Princess198.5
92Runaway Juno196.5
93Mallory On Travel192.5
94Ken Kaminesky Photography189.5
95Traveling Savage189
97Globetrotter Girls187
98Kaleidoscopic Wandering183
99One Step 4Ward183
100Travel Yourself180.5
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